Alberto Del Rio Exposes Sin Cara's Face on WWE Raw; Past 'Heat' Between Them

Imaan Jalali@imaanjalaliFeatured ColumnistSeptember 25, 2012

Screenshot courtesy of WWE
Screenshot courtesy of WWE

It's hard to say how many of you caught the man with "no face"—Sin Cara—belie his very name on the September 24 edition of Raw.

In what amounted to just a split second, Del Rio pulled off Sin Cara's mask to reveal the face behind the gimmick (click HERE to get a better look).

The incident occurred during a six-man tag match pitting Sheamus, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio against Alberto Del Rio, Ricardo Rodriguez and David Otunga.

While one may presume the unveiling of Cara's mask was accidental, there is reason to believe Del Rio did it on purpose.

According to former CMLL and WCW wrestler Konnan, who knows both Mexican-born superstars, there is "stratospheric" heat between the two dating back to an altercation when Del Rio was Dos Caras and Sin Cara was Mistico.

On his YouTube podcast "The Konnan Show," the former NWO member recounts a story of when Del Rio and Cara's relationship forever changed—beyond the realm of competitive jealousy—while the two were working in Mexico.

Konnan describes how, because the former Mistico had become such an astronomical star in Mexico City, he had allowed the fans' adulation to cloud his mind, arriving late to shows and traveling with an entourage everywhere he went. 

Apparently, Cara's actions had peeved the former Dos Caras, who took it upon himself to approach the high-flying wrestler for his poor attitude one day.

The situation seemingly spiraled out of control within no time, as either one of Cara's posse or Cara himself decided to pull a "heater" (gun) on Del Rio, per Konnan.

If such a story is to be believed, the likelihood that the resentment between Cara and Del Rio has extended from Mexico to WWE is rather great.

Certainly, it would be a valid reason, at least in Del Rio's mind, to be purposely "careless" with Cara's mask—which is mere polyester to us, but something that carries an indescribable level of significance to Mexican wrestlers.

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