CM Punk's Least Favorite Referee: Who Is Brad Maddox?

Ryan DilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 26, 2012

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We know Brad Maddox now as the WWE referee who didn't see CM Punk's foot on the ropes, but that moment may end up being a tiny blip on a long wrestling resume.

Maddox is a charismatic, athletic wrestler who is a part of WWE's surplus of young talent.

At 5'11'' and 204 lbs, he's not the huge guy WWE has often coveted, but he fits the mold of the new norm in wrestling, the well-built smaller speedster.

Performing for WWE's developmental promotions, Ohio Valley Wrestling and Florida Championship Wrestling, Maddox won several championships. He is a former FCW tag champ, OVW Heavyweight title-holder and the final FCW 15 Champion.

Fans who didn't watch him in FCW have only seen him count pinfalls and take a serious verbal beating courtesy of CM Punk.

If and when WWE has him step out of his current referee role, what can fans expect from Brad Maddox?


Outside the Ring

Maddox (real name: Brent Wellington) was best known in FCW as being the guy with the reality show.

Much like Zack Ryder’s Z! True Long Island Story, Maddox's show was funny, low-budget and tongue-in-cheek.

The Brad Maddox Reality Television Show displayed Maddox's charisma. WWE fans have yet to see his personality as a ref, but he looks natural on camera and is funny and relatable.

He does have a tendency to overact, something he can be taught to tone down.

In some of his FCW interviews, he came off as a poor man's Eric Bischoff and a bit cloying. In comparison, Maddox was far more entertaining and seemed to be more himself on his reality show.

Maddox also made a trailer for a fake movie called, ironically, The Referee, in which the full extent of his comedic powers are displayed.


In the Ring

His strengths in the ring include his convincing submissions and wear-down holds.

Maddox is also quick and a good leaper.

While his athleticism doesn't jump out at you the way that Kofi Kingston and Tyson Kidd's does, he is still exciting to watch.    

Though he's an overall strong in-ring performer, he's not a can't-miss talent. His talent ceiling is not as high as his peers Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, but he should become a solid midcard talent once WWE decides to take the striped shirt off him.

The fact that WWE put him in as a victim of Punk's tirades may be a good sign.

They could have had any other faceless ref in that role, but choosing Maddox may mean they plan on eventually turning this into an angle.

The story of a frustrated official standing up for himself could lead to Maddox getting into the ring and introducing himself to the WWE Universe.