How Much Damage Will Alex Rodriguez's Hip Surgery Do the Fantasy Baseball World?

Sean SerritellaCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

Alex Rodriguez is going to miss 10 weeks of baseball action, including the start of the regular season, because of surgery to remove a cyst from his right hip. This is not only bad news for the New York Yankees, but it’s also bad news for fantasy baseball league owners in keeper leagues who own Alex Rodriguez.

Guess what? I’m one of those owners. I’m not a good fantasy baseball player. Every year, I seem to finish in last place or next to last.

The question is not only who the Yankees going to replace Alex with but who am “I” going to replace Alex with? Cody Ransom?

The Yankees spent a lot of money on their team. Losing Rodriguez should not be a big deal since the Yankees have a loaded lineup, right?

There is a possibility that Rodriguez will use the surgery excuse if he doesn’t hit well after he comes back. I didn’t think he would perform well this year and I have a feeling that he knew he wouldn’t perform up to his career numbers.

Should I keep Rodriguez in my fantasy league and wait 10 weeks? Should I leave him in the draft pool and let someone else take a chance on him? What happens if I keep him and he comes back after 10 weeks and starts off slow because he had no spring training? What happens if I drop him in the draft but he comes back from the surgery strong?

Rodriguez was going to protect Mark Teixeira in the Yankees’ lineup. Now Teixeira will not see as many pitches.

Rodriguez had a torn quad muscle and now needs a hip operation, all in less than a year. Can this be the side effects of steroids? The Yankees have signed him for 10 years. That could prove to be a big mistake.

I also traded Rodriguez for Jose Reyes last year in my fantasy baseball league. That could come back and bite me in the long run. This year in my fantasy league, I might just have to draft players who get on base and score runs because no one knows which big home run hitters will not hit well because of not taking steroids or becoming injured from them.

Rodriguez always seems like the focus of attention in our baseball universe. No matter what is going on, he’s always the story.