Joba Chamberlain Gets a Big F for Today's Grades

Sean SerritellaCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

The New York Yankees lost to Canada by a score of 5-0. You know the grades aren’t going to be that good when the Yankees did not score any runs and they only had two hits. Ouch.

A Kei Igawa

Very good outing. He pitched three innings, giving up no runs on one hit along with two strikeouts. Maybe he should take Joba’s spot in the rotation!

B Xavier Nady

He went 1-for-3, and that’s it-that’s all he did. It warrants a B grade because only one other batter got a hit, and he struck out and left three men on base.

C Cody Ransom

He’s not the next Alex Rodriguez. He went 0-for-1 but walked twice. He’s going to have to step it up soon, especially since A-Rod is going to be out of the lineup for a while.

C Nick Swisher

He also went 0-for-1 and walked twice, but he stole a base and also struck out. The strikeout cancels the stolen base, so he stays at a C.

D Jonathan Albaladejo

This was not the best outing for Albaladejo. He gave up one earned run on three hits in two innings of work, but he also walked two batters. That warrants a D grade.

F Joba Chamberlain

Epic fail! There will be a time this spring where we are going to have to stop using the excuse that he’s just trying to locate his fastball. He didn’t even get an out. He gave up five earned runs on one hit but walked four. What happened to this dude’s control? It’s too early to panic, but come on Joba! Get with the program!

Player of the Game: Kei Igawa

Wouldn’t it be amazing if he turned into the next Chien-Ming Wang? He had a great outing, and he wasn’t pitching against any stiffs.