WWE Raw Results: Why a Damien Sandow/Cody Rhodes Tag Team Will Help the Division

Hector DiazAnalyst ISeptember 25, 2012

Will Rhodes Scholars be the next WWE Tag Team Champions? (photo via WWE.com)
Will Rhodes Scholars be the next WWE Tag Team Champions? (photo via WWE.com)

Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow made it clear that they are the latest tag team to join the division.

The newly formed tag team dubbed themselves the Rhodes Scholars moments after assaulting Kane and Daniel Bryan, who were given the name of Team Hell No.

It's no surprise that Sandow and Rhodes were placed in the tag-team picture since they have not had feuds worthy of singles competition on a pay per view. 

Even though the team was only announced on Monday's Raw, Rhodes Scholars can prove to be best thing to happen to the tag team division in recent memory. 

Yes, the pairing of Daniel Bryan and Kane is comical and helps put the focus on the tag titles, but this can arguably damage the division in the long run if there is no viable competition. 

The Prime Time Players have been poised to capture the belts for months now, but they have been unable to take advantage of their title shots, which shows WWE's reluctance to use Titus O'Neil and Darren Young as their centerpiece for the division. 

At this point, The Prime Time Players are future competitors to the titles since they are currently trying to prove their worth after losing their No. 1 contender spot. They may not be ready for months. 

The Rhodes Scholars are ready now. Rhodes is a former Intercontinental champion and Sandow is one of the best heel talkers in WWE.

Given Rhodes' success and Sandow's recent push, the team has the potential to do great things in the coming years, but placing them in the tag-team conversation allows them to hone their skills right now. 

Allowing two young wrestlers to thrive by placing them in a tag team was a WWE staple. Superstars like Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart got their start that way. Rhodes Scholars may be WWE's way to pander to the older generation. 

The association with championship gold instantly also makes Rhodes Scholars legitimate contenders for the tag titles. Not only that, but they can progress the Kane and Daniel Bryan storyline with yet another heel team.

The future is bright for the tag-team competition, so why not give the spotlight to the potential stars in Rhodes and Sandow?