Michigan Must Step Up or Risk Losing Out on 4-Star WR Laquon Treadwell

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIISeptember 25, 2012

Via Rivals.com
Via Rivals.com

For a while it seemed as if the Michigan Wolverines had the inside track on recruiting 4-star wide receiver Laquon Treadwell, but those days have come and gone.

Michigan currently is ranked No. 2 on Treadwell's interest list according to 247Sports, but if Brady Hoke and the Wolverines don't step up their game and hit he recruiting trail hard with this kid, I wouldn't be surprised to see them fall further and further down his list.

According to Steve Wiltfong of 247Sports,  Treadwell has scheduled two more official visits:

The 6-foot-3, 195-pound Treadwell reported that he will take an official visit to the (Ole Miss) Rebels campus the weekend of Oct. 12 for the Auburn game. He recently attended the Texas game and also was able to come down during the summer. Treadwell's former high school teammate Anthony Standifer is a freshman at Ole Miss.

Treadwell also reported he'll take a visit to Missouri on Oct. 6 for the Vanderbilt game.

Wiltfong also reports that Treadwell has scheduled a visit to Oklahoma, his fourth ranked team according to his 247sports interest list, on October 26th, and that he's "aiming" to come to Michigan to watch them take on the rival Michigan State Spartans on October 20th.

Wasn't there a time when it seemed Michigan was a shoe-in to get a commit from the talented wide receiver out of Crete, Illinois?

Now, according to 247sports, the Florida Gators are listed as Treadwell's favorite.

Things obviously have changed, as they often do in recruiting, and now it appears as if the Wolverines have some immense competition in the form of Florida, Missouri, Oklahoma and perhaps even Ole Miss.

Michigan sure didn't help their case either by going out against Notre Dame last weekend and putting on an embarrassing offensive performance, "highlighted" by five interceptions. In fact, with the way the Big Ten has looked as of late, it's no wonder that Treadwell wants to take a visit to the SEC and Big 12.

This is bad news for Michigan fans that were expecting Treadwell to come aboard and be a part of the new offensive look Brady Hoke is trying to install.

If there is any good news for Michigan fans, it's that Treadwell does want to visit Michigan for the MSU game, and that he wants to take all five official visits before making a decision, according to Wiltfong.

What once seemed like a lock for the Wolverines though has turned into a full-out recruiting competition, so Hoke is going to have to really step up his game. If not, he'll risk losing a player that could be a huge part of his program moving forward.

With the way Michigan has been playing as of late, they can't afford anymore losses, on or off the field.

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