Rumors Swirl about Seattle Seahawks Interest in Terrell Owens

G. JonesContributor IMarch 5, 2009

Fueled by speculation from the NFL Network's Adam Shefter and others, rumors are swirling among Seattle Seahawks fans that the team might have an interest in contacting the agent for Terrell Owens, who was cut last night by the Dallas Cowboys.

The talented but troublesome receiver has already been run out of Philadelphia and San Francisco because of the dissension he brings to the locker room with his bad-mouthing of teammates and "me first" hunger for attention.

After Owens publicly criticized Tony Romo and Jason Witten, the Cowboys finally decided that his continuing presence was detrimental to the harmony of the team, and they cut him, despite his unquestioned productivity for the team over the past three years.

The Seahawks have not yet commented on the rumors regarding a possible interest in this flamboyant but controversial future Hall of Fame receiver.

After recently signing T.J. Houshmandzeh to a free-agent contract, the Seahawks are apparently set at the wide receiver position.  Furthermore, T.O. has publicly fought with new offensive coordinator Greg Knapp in the past, making the Seahawks' interest in Owens appear somewhat far-fetched.

Nevertheless, the rumors have continued to spring up because T.O. grew up in the west coast offense in San Francisco and would add a dimension to the Seahawks' anemic passing game, which has been sorely lacking over the past two seasons.

New Seahawks coach Jim Mora may be cocky enough to think that he can handle Owens and give him the opportunity to put the final stamp of greatness on his career in a Seahawks uniform.

Mora has found success in the past with great players with bad boy reputations, such as quarterback Michael Vick, and may be willing to roll the dice by adding T.O. to their roster to create a truly stellar corps of wide receivers. But failure could be catastrophic to the harmony of the Seahawks locker room.

Should the Seahawks take this gamble?