WWE: Why Kane & Daniel Bryan are the Most Entertaining Tag Team

Michael GuadalupeFeatured ColumnistSeptember 28, 2012

Photo courtesy of WWE
Photo courtesy of WWE

The tag team division in the WWE has been lackluster over the last several years.  The most entertaining aspect of the division recently has been R-Truth and his invisible child-friend, little Jimmy.

That was until the emergence of Kane and Daniel Bryan.

Kane and Bryan are taking the term "tag team" to a whole new level.  Not only are they fantastic wrestlers, but they are also the most entertaining tag team in the WWE.

For example, last Friday night's Smackdown was focused around Bryan and Kane because of how entertaining they are to watch.

They work well together and have translated into one of the most dominant tag teams of all time in the WWE.

Kane and Bryan are extremely entertaining, and it shows week after week.



What can be said about Kane and Daniel Bryan's promos?  From the whole anger management segments a month ago to the more recent diner segments on Monday night RAW, not only are Kane and Bryan entertaining, but they work well together.

Which important for any tag team.

While the anger management promos were fantastic, Kane and Daniel Bryan had to go above and beyond.  Would they simply end up as a one-hit wonder, with a funny group of skits which would translate into nothing?

As we move forward with this tag team, it's becoming clear that Team Hell No is just getting started.  Every segment these two put together has been as good as their last, which proves both Bryan and Kane dominate with their promos.

It goes beyond the taped segments though.  Their behind the scenes antics are just as funny.  Bryan popping out of the chest on Friday night when Doctor Shelby was talking to Kane, proclaiming he doesn't have a goat face.

Throw in Doctor Shelby and it’s comedic gold. 

Something that hasn't been seen in the WWE for years.


New Life for a Dying Breed

The Tag Team division was falling down the tubes as of late.  Kane and Daniel Bryan, however, are saving it.  It’s working both ways though.  With Bryan out of the title scene along with Kane, there were questions about where both wrestlers would end up next.

Putting these two together in a tag team made them instant entertainment and has not only taken their careers to another level, but has helped in reviving the tag team division.

Before Team Hell No, the most entertaining gimmicks were R-Truth and his invisible child-friend and the prime time players with their millions of dollars dance.

Now Kane and Bryan have taken it to a whole other level.  Not only are their promos entertaining, but their in-ring antics are great.

Whether it's Kane chokeslamming Bryan onto an opponent, or Bryan knocking Kane off the top ropes to help get the pin, these two may seem like they fight a lot in the ring, but they work well together. 

Not to mention the whole hug-it-out aspect these two have going when they end up getting frustrated with one another.  The fans even get behind them, with chants of "Hug it out."

With their entertaining antics, they are breathing new life into a dying tag team division.


I Am The Tag Team Champions!

Kane and Bryan's entertaining tag team antics don't simply end with their promos or in-ring hugs.  After these two won the tag team championship at Night of Champions, they started screaming at each other, "I am the tag team champions!"

When Monday night RAW rolled around after Night of Champions, there were already "I am the tag team champions" signs in the crowd.

When their ridiculous phrases begin to catch on in the WWE Universe, it's obvious that these two equal entertainment.

They have taken the tag team division to another level through their promos, in-ring hugs, and even in their grammatically incorrect catchphrase.

Bryan and Kane, along with Doctor Shelby, bring entertainment back to the WWE and the tag team division, and prove that regardless of the wrestling era, wrestlers can still be extremely entertaining.

Team Hell No has set the bar for the tag team division and has proven to be the most entertaining tag team in the WWE.