WWE Raw Results: 5 Best Moments from the Show

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterSeptember 25, 2012

WWE Raw Results: 5 Best Moments from the Show

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    The first Raw after John Cena's surgery still featured the pink-attired megastar, but plenty of other talent had airtime to showcase their skills. 

    A fantastic match, a simulated orgasm and the return of a Hall of Famer highlighted an entertaining episode.

    With Cena hurt, WWE focused the spotlight more on the WWE Champion. CM Punk's villainous performance was engrossing at times and at other times, forced. Punk is too good to resort to "Albany is a dump" cheap heat tactics. 

    The story of this Raw though was the tag team division, the non-main eventers and an announcer soaking up adoration from the audience.

    The following were the show's high spots.

Kofi Kingston vs. Dolph Ziggler

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    Without a true main event, Raw's best match came early in the show courtesy of an old feud.

    The Show Off faced off against Kofi Kingston in a well-paced, engaging match. 

    Vickie Guerrero taunted Lil Jimmy outside the ring, leading to a shouting match between her and R-Truth. Vickie soon got a shot of soda in her face and both she and Truth were exiled from ringside.

    Once those shenanigans ended, two of WWE's most athletic competitors put on a show-stealing performance.

    There were a few sloppy moments including Kingston whiffing on a dropkick, but the energy and chemistry that the two men displayed trumped the minor mistakes. 

    The crowd was the most engaged for this match, roaring at every two count.

    Ziggler got a much needed win and fans got a great match.

Team Hell No Segments

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    Once again some of the most entertaining moments of WWE Raw were non-wrestling related.

    Kane and Daniel Bryan solidified the show with three segments at an Albany diner. Dr. Shelby attempted to help Team Hell No come together by forcing them to interact with each other in a non-competitive setting.

    Kane played Bryan's waiter in a role playing exercise, the tag champs evoked memories of When Harry Met Sally in another segment and they threw in some body humor for the kids.

    Hopefully WWE can maintain a balance between overusing and underusing their hottest commodities.

    The pair have ruled Raw and SmackDown recently, providing hilarity and variety. Their story has been a unique and refreshing treat.

Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes Make It Official

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    WWE's resident hated intellectuals, Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow, have been teaming over the past weeks, but giving their team a name and going after Kane and Daniel Bryan marks the official formation of an excellent team.

    The Rhodes Scholars isn't the best team name ever, but in an era of teams of Wrestler A and Wrestler B, a team name is refreshing.

    Sandow and Rhodes will be an intriguing team, putting two of the company's brightest young stars in a position to shine.

    With Team Hell No getting so much attention, a feud with the tag champs puts them in an enviable position.

Mick Foley

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    "Would you rather be a statistic or a legend?" Surprise guest Mick Foley didn't take long to reveal why he was on Raw.

    He spoke about CM Punk's legacy, Paul Heyman and showed off his well-documented mic skills.

    Punk interrupted him and the two spoke amid an air of tension. Foley's subsequent speech was riveting.

    His emotions were raw and real and added depth to the John Cena and CM Punk feud. Bringing in Foley was a wise move because of Foley's ties to Hell in a Cell.

    Punk and Cena won't be anything like Undertaker vs. Mankind, but Foley's words heightened the emotions of the rivalry.

Jerry Lawler Returns

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    The emotional weight of Jerry "The King" Lawler's return was one of the show's highlights. 

    After suffering a heart attack two weeks ago, Lawler spoke to the WWE Universe from a swanky throne in his home in Memphis.

    Michael Cole asked him about what he remembered about that night and Lawler surprisingly revealed that he didn't remember wrestling alongside Randy Orton. His memories of that Raw ended with the Bret Hart and CM Punk segment.

    It was fabulous to see Lawler recovering so quickly, with a beaming smile on his face.

    WWE couldn't have written a more emotional return. They handled Lawler's situation tastefully and let the moment's power tell its own story.