Joe Flacco and Terrell Owens: The Odd Couple of the Day, or Possibly the Century

Joe HinkleContributor IMarch 5, 2009

At ESPN today, the NFL shed light on the two players that couldn't be any more different if they wanted to be.

Terrell Owens and Joe Flacco.

Today, Joe Flacco had his media day with ESPN, stopping by shows like Mike and Mike in the Morning, ESPN 2's First Take, and NFL Live. Unfortunately for Flacco, his day has been overshadowed by the news of Owens' release from the Dallas Cowboys late last night.

We haven't even had one full day of this supposedly breaking news story, and the media has already beaten this topic to death.

What's next for T.O.? How are the Cowboys going to manage next year with him? Who is going to take him now after his latest scorned relationship?

As for Flacco, Joe seemed to pay no mind to the T.O. story, just like it seems he pays no mind to anything in his life. In most of his interviews today, the 24-year-old QB from New Jersey showed that he is not the most captivating player in the NFL today. In fact, the kid is pretty much exactly how he describes himself: boring. 

Flacco promoting himself today as one of the future great QBs was like watching Vin Diesel try to promote his next action movie. Joe mentioned that he wouldn't know what to do, if one of his teammates came over to his house to visit.

Oh, did I say his house? I meant his parents' house.

You heard right. The star quarterback for the Baltimore Ravens, who makes $6 million a year, still lives with his parents. 

When Flacco was presented with the question of the remote possibility of playing with Owens, he stated that it would be a great addition to the team. Whoa. Stop, Joe.

Now I understand that Joe was trying to be a polite young man on TV, but let's be realistic here.

Owens is a cancer to any team that he plays on. We all can agree on that. Yes, the Ravens need a WR, but not this particular one that suffers from a severe case of egocentrism.

Baltimore has been down this road before with Owens, when he was traded to the Ravens by the 49ers in 2004. T.O. complained to the NFL about the trade, and the baby got to play with his best friend, Donovan McNabb.

John Harbaugh is no stranger to Owens. He was a coach of the Philadelphia Eagles when Owens was added to the team. I'm sure John is expressing his opinion of T.O. to Ozzie Newsome this very day.

It was extremely ironic to have these two NFL players as the highlights on ESPN today. The contrast that they create side by side is staggering.

We first have Flacco, an up and riser after a fabulous run to the AFC championship game. He has all the tools to be a great QB in this league for a very long time and can be voted as the most humble player that currently plays the game.

As for Owens, he's a player that is no stranger to controversy and rumors. His ego and concern for personal stats has destroyed his whole career, which had so much potential. He is now facing the end of a shameful NFL run filled with a timeline of great catches on the field and detrimental opinions off of it.

If there is anything that Flacco has learned from his visit to ESPN, it is that it should be how you play the game on the field that dictates what type of player you are in this league—that if you dare to destroy your team off the field, you might catch yourself without a job and probably living with your parents at the age of 35.