Real Sports Talk

Matt MickleContributor IMarch 5, 2009

Hey all, I'm pretty new to Bleacher Report, but I am not new to sports forums.

I am currently a Global Mod at a forum called Real Sports Talk.

This is a forum where you can share your thoughts on sports news and topics.

We have plenty of sim leagues, our own customized skin, and great activity which allow for great sports talk.

If your new to forums, it's pretty easy to use and share your discussion. All you do is this:

1. Go to, then click on the "Register" tabbed near the top. From there, create a user name, and fill in the information. In the refer box you could put in BrewCrewNation or leave it blank. 

Note: You must use a real e-mail address in order for it to work, because once you've registered, you must activate your account.

After you have done that, you can go to your control panel and edit your signature and all that fun stuff. Next, go to the Introductions section and make a thread about what teams you like, etc. Toward the top right hand corner or so where it says "New Topic," click that and it should allow you to post.

Pretty much after you have done that, you can do anything that you want and browse the forums. Right now, our latest topics are the A-Rod and TO news.

Also, we are looking for writers for an article team. Pretty much, you could just copy the articles you posted on here and use that on RST, then every time you write an article on Bleacher Report, just copy and paste it on RST.

Sports Forums are really fun, especially the amount of activity and sim leagues that we have, which allows you to be the GM of your favorite team.

If you want to write and need more info, you can email me at or PM me on RST.