Derrick Henry Decision: Will Alabama or Tennessee Get Commitment from 5-Star RB?

Andrew KulhaSenior Analyst IIISeptember 24, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

After watching the Alabama Crimson Tide take on FAU this past weekend, 5-star running back Derrick Henry is set to make the decision between his final two schools: Alabama and Tennessee.

Charles Power of 247Sports reports the news:

Coming off the visit, Yulee head coach Bobby Ramsay states that Henry will stick to his previous plan of announcing a commitment on September 27 and will be deciding between Alabama and Tennessee.

“He’s going to announce on Thursday at the school. He’s down to Alabama and Tennessee,” Ramsay told BamaOnline.

This is it, folks. It's now down to two.

Henry is an exceptional athlete at 6'3'', 240 pounds, and he runs a 4.54-second 40-yard dash, according to 247Sports. He just recently broke Florida state's single-game rushing yards record this past weekend by running for 502 yards on 48 attempts. He also scored six touchdowns.

Obviously, both teams would really value a commitment from a player of his caliber, but which one of these schools will end up receiving it? Call me crazy, but I see the 5-star running back committing to the Alabama Crimson Tide this week.

For a while, I thought Tennessee may have had an advantage over the SEC powerhouse.

If the Volunteers can bring in a few elite prospects, then their future in the SEC could be bright, and it appeared as if Henry was feeling pretty good about them. So good, in fact, that I wrote an article explaining why I felt Alabama should be worried about his visit to Tennessee.

I believe that any advantage Tennessee did have will most likely be trumped by the timing of his visits, though.

Alabama is the last school he visited, so it will leave the lasting impression. It's already a huge draw due to its national championship runs and head coach Nick Saban, so having seen all of that just this past weekend may be enough to erase the good memories from Tennessee.

There's also the fact that football life will be easier at Alabama.

At first, I thought the prospect of being "the guy" to lead Tennessee would be appealing, but then again, Alabama offers the chance to run behind a stellar offensive line year after year, get backed up by an elite defense and has a recent history of creating star running backs.

Come to think of it, Alabama makes being "the guy" much easier.

Sorry, Tennessee—thanks for the memories.

The Volunteers could have had an advantage for a while. And who knows? Perhaps they still possess it. But I believe the draw of running for the Crimson Tide being fresh in his mind will cause Henry to commit to Alabama this Thursday.

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