WWE: The Top 5 Promos of Dean Ambrose's Career

Emery Songer@@EmerySongerCorrespondent IISeptember 24, 2012

WWE: The Top 5 Promos of Dean Ambrose's Career

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    In this current age of professional wrestling, the Internet has made it impossible to keep things a secret.

    We know who is returning.  We know who wants to turn heel.  We know when something was botched.

    We also know the new crop of talent before they arrive in the WWE.  Damien Sandow and Antonio Cesaro have made their debuts in 2012 on WWE television, and both have made a big impact.

    Seth Rollins is also a star in the making in the company's NXT developmental promotion.

    The one guy that has captured our imagination, however, has been Dean Ambrose.  His old-school ring style, his insane behavior in and out of the ring and his once-in-a-generation promo skills are sure to make him a staple in the WWE for years to come.

    Of the countless gems he's delivered on a mic or in front of a camera, a few of these stand out and should be seen by every fanatic of pro wrestling.

    Here is my list of the five Ambrose promos that gave me the most shivers.

5. I Know Counters to His Counters' Counters

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    In what was an extremely entertaining feud between legend William Regal and the psycho Dean Ambrose, several matches occurred and several promos were cut.

    In my opinion, this one stood out for a few reasons.  The fierce attitude, the lack of rebuttal by Regal and some of the great one-liners Ambrose used in this 90-second monologue leave you with a bunch of positive emotions.

    This feud definitely proved to upper management that Ambrose was ready to make the leap.  We just haven't seen him yet...

4. I Wear the Fannypack Like It's a Thunderbolt from Freaking Zeus!

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    From a comedic standpoint, it's hard to top this.

    He still keeps it within wrestling, which always gets bonus points.  He is slightly more sane here than in a lot of the other promos he's cut, but he still has that really inconsistent behavior going on.

    You can watch this video and know exactly what was leading up to this match.  Storytelling at its finest.

    Storytelling promos have really been lost in the current WWE, especially in terms of wrestling and fighting.  One can only hope a guy like Dean Ambrose can restore that to the unwashed masses.

3. I'm Really a Sick Guy

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    Words can't really describe this one.

    He has that psycho Pillman-esque edge going on.  He has the storytelling going on.  He's talking in terms of wrestling for a title.  It has it all.

    This one would definitely be creepy for a mainstream crowd, but nevertheless, it's an Ambrose classic.

2. Dean Ambrose Is About to Blow the Doors off Everything

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    If this was replicated in his debut at the next level, it would leave the arena shaking.

    Challenging a champion, proclaiming his goals and defining his character.  A very short promo, but it makes a statement most guys couldn't get across in eight minutes of TV time.

    Hopefully, he gets a chance to receive a big enough push to make a splash for a title right away when he enters the big picture.  That U.S. title still doesn't matter, and this would be a great way to make it interesting again.

1. I Don't Want a Possession

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    In terms of storytelling, relevance, character and pure gold, this promo reigns supreme.

    After hearing this promo for the first time out of IPW, I sat in awe.  This wasn't the same old "I'm now the champ" promo.

    If we hear a title promo resembling this at all in the WWE, most normal fans would be confused.  But for the internet fans, this is the gold standard by which all others should be measured.

    For Ambrose, it's not just being the best, but protecting it.

    Hopefully, it will only be a matter of time before we see a title promo for this man on TV.