Creature-Creature: What Is the Best Cage Match in Pro Wrestling?

Ali Mashraf@ IMarch 5, 2009

Questions have arisen in people's minds regarding the best pro wrestler and the best match in pro wrestling. However, no one has asked what the best cage match in pro wrestling is.

I am going to answer that question.

Hell in a Cell

Hell in a Cell is a WWE cage match where the ring and the ringside are surrounded by a 20-foot-high roofed steel cage structure weighing over five tons. It is described by Smackdown announcer Jim Ross as "the devil's playground."

Of all Hell in a Cell competitors, Undertaker tops them all. During a King of the Ring pay-per-view match against Mankind, Undertaker threw him off the top of the cell, a full 16 feet, into the Spanish announce table. This caused Mankind's teeth to break and show through his nose.

Many worse feuds have ended after being contested in a Hell in a Cell.

Steel Asylum

This is a TNA steel cage match with the variation that the winner has to escape through a hole in the top of the cage using only his hands, feet, and weight of body.

Only one steel asylum match has taken place thus far in TNA, occurring in TNA's annual pay-per-view, Sacrifice. Ten wrestlers participated in that match with the winner getting a chance to compete for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship later that night.

Kaz won the match after climbing to the top of the cage. This is a very enthusiastic match and will be contested every year during Sacrifice.

Elimination Chamber

An Elimination Chamber is a WWE match where the ring is surrounded by a steel structure of chains and girders, but instead of a standard steel cage, four pods are placed which hold wrestlers.

The metal is black and the chambers are made of bulletproof plexiglass. The chamber is 11 meters in diameter and is composed of 10 tons of steel and two miles of chain. The only way to win this match is by pinfall or submission.

Nine Elimination Chamber matches have taken place in the history of WWE. Out of them, Triple H has won four matches. The Elimination Chamber is contested every year in WWE's pay-per-view, No Way Out.

Punjabi Prison Match

This match, named for the Punjab region of India, is made up of two cages of bamboo. The first cage is four-sided and 16 feet tall. The next one is 20 feet tall, has eight sides, and surrounds the first cage. The bamboos in the top of the cages are fashioned into spikes. Between the two cages, tables are placed with weapons on top.

If all four doors of the first cage are padlocked, the competitors are forced to climb through the top of it and also through the top of the second one with the first wrestler having both of their feet touching the floor declared as the winner.

Two Punjabi prison matches have taken place in the history WWE where the winners were the Undertaker and Batista. This match is a very dangerous one as it is the most feared and barbaric match in all of sports entertainment.


So readers, I have given the descriptions of some of the heinous cage matches in pro wrestling and also gave a poll to vote for your favourite match. You vote and decide what the best cage match in pro wrestling is.