Texans Fans Should Simmer Down and Other AFC South Must-Read Articles

Nate DunlevyGuest ColumnistSeptember 24, 2012

The Texans can't take a knee on the season yet.
The Texans can't take a knee on the season yet.Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE

It's only September.

In today's article of the day, Jerome Solomon of The Houston Chronicle dumps a bucket of cold water on the over-the-top reactions stemming from the Texans' hot start.

The Texans are clearly the class of the AFC right now, but the key part of that phrase is right now.

Most NFL writing tends to gloss over all problems in a win. The Texans showed weakness against Denver. The Broncos weren't good enough overall to exploit those weaknesses, but they were there nonetheless. Solomon does a good job of pointing them out.

For a team like Houston, the question has never been if they are talented, but if they can stay healthy for 16 games. It's so far, so good on that front, but it's also fair to acknowledge there's a long way to go until January.

It's going to be a painfully long season for Texans' fans. Each win will be a delight, but when a team reaches a certain level of excellence (and the Texans are there), the losses hurt a lot more.

It's hard to go four months continually playing for January. Houston will have to keep focused each and every week, because with a two-game lead in the AFC South, their ticket to the dance is all but punched.

It's wonderful that they are playing well right now, but the list of teams that played their best football in September rarely includes any champions.


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