WWE: Are Fans Expecting Too Much of Dolph Ziggler Right Now?

Sebastian MaldonadoFeatured ColumnistSeptember 24, 2012

photo on Flickr by simononly
photo on Flickr by simononly

Fans are expecting way too much from Dolph Ziggler right now.

The self-proclaimed showoff won Money in the Bank in July and holds the keys to his destiny. He will get his shot at the World Heavyweight Title. When he cashes it in remains to be seen.

In the meantime, Ziggler’s apparently been on a pay-per-view losing streak since Money in the Bank. He lost to Chris Jericho in an exciting SummerSlam opener. He lost to Randy Orton in a great Night of Champions bout.

Ziggler supporters seem frustrated and rightfully so about their favorite wrestler’s standing in the WWE. However, they also expect the world from Ziggler because of his talent and charisma.

Stay calm, wrestling fans. Relax and be patient!

Ziggler is only going through what many of the former Money in the Bank winners went through. CM Punk went through it during both of his runs with the briefcase. His first outing featured him being traded to Raw and eventually winning the World Title. His second run weathered him in mediocrity for three months until he eventually recaptured the World Title.

Daniel Bryan entered a losing streak after he won the briefcase only to cash it in and become the World Champion at last year’s TLC PPV. Even Edge had trouble as well, becoming embroiled in feuds with Kane and Matt Hardy for most of 2005.

Other winners didn’t have much trouble, which probably explains why fans have such big expectations for briefcase matches. Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger didn’t wait long to cash in their shots at titles. However, both reigns are barely discussed among fans. Swagger had a decent three-month reign but never achieved superstardom like other former Money in the Bank winners had. Likewise, Del Rio won the WWE Title only to lose it a month later.

Many see Ziggler as the next face of this company. However, fans need to understand it takes time. Yes, Ziggler’s been stuck in the midcard role for many years. His time should have been long ago. But now he has an opportunity to be the man. Let him gradually build into becoming the No. 1 guy in the WWE.

Fans need to stop having huge expectations for Dolph Ziggler. He’ll get there. All it takes is time. So just relax wrestling fans, and enjoy the journey.