Lopez Vs Peñalosa: A Raging Knockout Artist Against the Fearless Defender

Latigo Rapper@@LatigoRapperMeCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

Who would not fear a boxer with an immaculate ring record of 24 wins embedded with 22 Knockouts, no losses and no draws?

Who would dare face this phenomenal warrior who has shook the boxing world with his raw power?

Even Daniel Ponce De Leon, the tough and rough former bantamweight king from Mexico, fell from his throne after only a single round with this boxer.

His last fight was a total demolition of Argentina's Sergio Medina also in the very first round.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I'm talking about the undefeated boxing sensation from Puerto Rico, Juan Manuel "JuanMa" Lopez.

Standing at 5'7" with a body sculpted like a Roman Gladiator, JuanMa is expected to lord it over the super bantamweight division in no time. Supposedly, there only two barriers he must overcome before he conquers this kingdom and they are Israel Vasquez and Rafael Marquez.

This is what many believed but it all changed when an elite fighter from the Philippines moved up in weight and challenged JuanMa for his crown this April.

If there is anyone who is not afraid to be in front of JuanMa's face for an entire 12 rounds it is Gerry "fearless" Peñalosa.

His "fearless" tag describes his way of fighting. Never does he back down from an opponent no matter how big they are. In one occasion, he jumped from flyweight to super bantamweight and exchanged leather with Daniel Ponce De Leon for 12 hard rounds.

Unfortunately, he lost that fight by a disputed unanimous decision.

At 36 years of age and standing only at 5'4", he may easily be dismissed as a small aging boxer who is way past his prime. However,  if you look back on his fight with Johnny Gonzalez you would know that he is still a force to reckon with.

In that encounter, he blasted Gonzalez's ribs with a well timed hook to the body which made the champion fall to his knees and was eventually knocked out. It was in this fight where he became the WBO bantamweight champion last 2007.

Note that after Gerry lost to De Leon at super bantamweight he moved back down to bantamweight so he could challenge Gonzalez.

Blessed with an extraordinary defensive arsenal, Gerry has never been knocked down in his career. He is considered as the most polished boxer from the Philippines not only because of his defensive specialties but also because of his unique counter-punching abilities.

Provided that no changes will happen, this April 2009 we will witness two ring warriors with totally opposite styles slug it out with each other.

Lopez is undeniably a very strong puncher but I believe most of his punches will not be able to penetrate the tried and tested defense of Peñalosa. It will be a very exciting fight from start to finish as I'm expecting JuanMa to try and knock Gerry out by bombarding him with combinations from all angles.

For Gerry's part, I'm sure he will be able to sneak in a lot of his own trademark counter-punches. This bout will certainly be a classic brawler vs counter-puncher match.

I will not predict the winner for now. We will have to see how both fighters train to know if they will be in tip-top condition coming into the fight.