New Jersey Devils at Toronto Maple Leafs (March 3, 2009)

Tommy GCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

I don’t want to take too long with this post game review given the fact that I want to analyse the trades made by the Toronto Maple Leafs.  All I can say is that Vesa Toskala made some spectacular saves against the Devils.  Making 50 saves in a game where he faced 53 shots by his opponents magnifies his effort even more. 


It’s too bad that Toskala had a season plagued by injuries.  I know it’s only a hip and groin injury but trust me there is only so much that stretching can do to help.  Although most players and goalies can try to play through this type of injury it can be even worse for a goalie that depends on acrobatics to make his saves.


The rest of the team played a decent game considering that two major pieces of the team sat out (Antropov and Moore).  But they were drastically outplayed and Toskala was the only reason why this game wasn’t a blow out for the New Jersey Devils.


I’ll tell you the direct reason why the Leafs lost in overtime.  Most TV analysts would blame Pavel Kubina for pinching too low and being out of position to avoid a two on one by the Devils. 

I believe the Devils scored because of Lee Stempniak’s poor hockey decision.  Stempniak was driving to the net but a Devil’s defender stayed with him and cut him off.  Instead of going around the net or placing the puck somewhere behind the net he turned and passed the puck to the point. 

Not only was it one of the most inaccurate passes but Kubina was caught off position because he probably thought Stempniak was smart enough not to make that stupid pass without studying his surroundings.  That my fellow Leafers is the direct reason why your favourite Toronto hockey team did not win their fifth straight game.