The Walker's Journey: Always an Adventure

Susie KopeckyCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

Walking: it's something that, with great luck and physical aptitude, many people do everyday. However, walking is so much more than just a slower mode of transportation than the average car. A walk is an opportunity to multitask and do the things that driving don't allow! Here are just a few reasons walking is a wonderful hobby, and what one can do, while enjoying this fabulous exercise.

1.) On a walk, especially in a crowded city or town square, one can more easily find fellow walkers to engage in conversation. Talk about the local flora and fauna, talk about the weather: it's your call, chief. 

2.) Enjoy the scenery at your pace of choice. Seriously. When driving, drivers are encouraged to keep their eyes on the road ahead, to avoid "accidents," or "uncovered manholes" or even "dangerous curves ahead."

3.) Butterfly preserves. Bear with me: can one truly drive through a butterfly preserve, and fully appreciate the beauty of some dazzling monarchs? For the men: can you impress your date more with a zipping drive through a nature preserve or rose garden, or with a romantic walk? Case closed.

4.) Driving on the pier just doesn't carry the romanticism of walking that same pier... preferably with a cone of frosty ice cream.

5.) The average physician recommend somewhere between at least 30-40 minutes of blood-pumpin' exercise everyday. A pleasant walk around the neighborhood, or around campus, should suffice, while additionally harking back to points one and two.

One can even combine driving and walking, to drive to a park, town square, local sports stadium, restaurant, mall or walking location of choice.

6.) It's like a workout on a treadmill, without actually paying for a treadmill, which brings us to point number seven...

7.) In this economy, who can afford a treadmill? Walking is nature's treadmill, and I'll tell ya what... it doesn't cost a penny.

So get out there, enjoy the view, get to know your neighbors, and enjoy the myriad of benefits from walking. Cheap, more convenient than driving to another fitness center, and full of opportunity, the walk is so "in" this year.

Happy walking!