Ryan Mathews to Have a Dominant Day for Chargers Against the Broncos

Heneli IongiAnalyst IOctober 14, 2012

DENVER, CO - OCTOBER 09:  Ryan Mathews #24 of the San Diego Chargers rushes the ball against the Denver Broncos at Sports Authority Field at Mile High on October 9, 2011 in Denver, Colorado.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)
Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

The Chargers' Week 6 opponent is a huge deal.  Why?  Because, first off, it's the Denver Broncos.  Secondly, it's for first place in the AFC West.  And finally, it's because Ryan Mathews is going to put a hurt on that team.

It seems to me since Ryan Mathews got drafted, the one team he keeps putting up numbers against are the Denver Broncos.

Let's take a look at Ryan Mathews' statistics against the Broncos since his rookie season.

As a rookie in 2010, Mathews only played against the Broncos once, in Week 17.  Mathews had 120 rushing yards, averaging 4.6 yards a carry, 3 rushing TD's, and three catches for 19 yards, averaging 6.3 yards per catch.  That's a pretty decent showing as a rookie.

In Mathews' first matchup of the 2011 season against the Broncos, he had 125 rushing yards, averaging 5.2 yards per carry, and one catch for seven yards.  In the second meeting against the Broncos in 2011, Mathews rushed for 137 yards, averaging 6.2 yards a carry, and one catch for five yards.

Just looking at what Ryan Mathews has done to the Denver Broncos in the past three games over a two-year span, he absolutely dominated the Broncos.  Mathews absolutely destroyed the Broncos' run defense.  I know what many Bronco fans are going to argue.  They are going to argue that they have a different team.  A different front seven.  A new defensive coordinator.  This is how I'm going to argue against that.

Many Bronco players on defense are the same players that have played in that defense from 2010 and 2011.  Sure, the Broncos have a new defensive coordinator in Jack Del Rio.  Sure, Jack Del Rio is a well-known defensive coordinator for stuffing the run, but the problem is that he doesn't have the run defense personnel out there.  Proof is in the pudding, as the Broncos' run defense is currently ranked 21st in the NFL

Did I see this coming?  Absolutely.  The Broncos didn't do anything to bolster their run defense personnel. 

As great as Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller are, they are too undersized to play against the run.  The Broncos' defensive line is undersized to play against the run.  This is why Mathews is going to continue to dominate the Broncos.

Expect a career day from Ryan Mathews.  He's motivated to prove Norv Turner and AJ Smith wrong for benching him.  He's going to run angry and hard.  He has running game help in the form of a run-blocking line, a run-blocking fullback and a Pro Bowl QB who can stretch the field with his deeply talented receiving corps.