UFC 152: What We Learned from Jimy Hettes vs. Marcus Brimage

Craig AmosFeatured ColumnistSeptember 22, 2012

September 22, 2012; Toronto, ON, CANADA; Jimy Hettes (right) kicks Marcus Brimage in the featherweight fight during UFC 152 at the Air Canada Centre. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE
Tom Szczerbowski-US PRESSWIRE

The UFC kicked off its second tier of UFC 152 prelims with a featherweight contest featuring the highly touted Jimy Hettes and the mostly ignored Marcus Brimage.

The matchup was regarded by most as a showcase fight for Hettes, but ended up as anything but. "The Kid" looked uncomfortable all night and suffered the first loss of his professional MMA career via unanimous decision.


What We'll Remember About This Fight

Prospect extraordinaire Jimy Hettes steps onto the biggest stage of his career and lays an egg. We may also remember it as the final time we write off Marcus Brimage.


What We Learned About Marcus Brimage

The "Bama Beast" has come a long way since his underwhelming performance on The Ultimate Fighter. After welcoming the much-hyped Maximo Blanco to the UFC with a defeat, Brimage continues to defy expectations.

We also learned that Brimage likes to wing some seriously heavy punches—the harder the better. The 27-year-old relied on power punches to rock his opponent and score points all night long, adding some fireworks to a contest that would have otherwise lacked them.


What We Learned About Jimy Hettes

We learned that Hettes is not going to climb the featherweight ranks as easily as many believed.

His stand-up game looked rudimentary. He pressed forward all night, hands at his side, only pausing to throw an awkward rounding punch from time to time. Even his much ballyhooed ground game looked vulnerable. Though he controlled Brimage on the mat, he was unable to keep his opponent down long enough to do any real damage. 

The Kid has a long way to before he makes any real waves in the UFC.


What's Next For Brimage

Brimage keeps beating guys he isn't supposed to, but it may get a bit tougher from here. How about Dustin Poirier?


What's Next For Hettes

Though this match does not erase the good Hettes has done during his career, he may need another fight or two against mid-tier or lower-level opponents. Cole Miller maybe?