Jerry Jones: Madman or Genius?

TJ JenkinsAnalyst IMarch 5, 2009

Jerry Jones has done it again!

Releasing Terrell Owens after and only after the best of the bunch of free agent wide receivers have found new homes, ensuring the the Dallas Cowboys will not get a suitable replacement.

Had he made this decision merely four days ago, he could have had the cream of the crop to pick from. But that just wouldn't be Jerry Jones. Who want's T.J. Houshmandzadeh or Laveranues Coles when you can have Patrick Crayton lining up as the second string receiver?

Certainly not a team that wants to continue their excellency in the post season! Wait. We're talking about the Dallas Cowboys.

Now, I'm not saying that this is entirely a bad move by the Cowboys, just a bad timed one. Losing Terrell Owens will give Tony Romo a chance to be himself without worrying about aggravating his number one wide receiver.

It'll give Jason Witten the chance to keep doing what he's been doing and that's being a beast.

I don't see where the Cowboys are trying to go with this, they have no first round pick and I'm almost positive that they could have gotten some team to take a chance on trading for Owens. Minnesota, Chicago, New York (Giants) and Tampa Bay come to mind immediately. But, no.

This marks the third time in Owens' NFL career that a team has gotten sick of him. It happened in San Francisco, it happened in Philadelphia and it happened now in Dallas.

The question I pose to you is : Is Jerry Jones just trying to rival Al Davis as the National Football League's worst owner? Or does he truly know what he's doing?

I'm going with madman.