New York Yankees Plagued: Posada Down & Alex Rodriguez Needs Hip Surgery.

Patrick ReadSenior Writer IMarch 5, 2009

                            "Ain't fakin, there's a whole lot of shakin going on. "

Washington DC

The first Bronx setback came when Jorge Posada experienced pain in his surgically repaired right shoulder about one week ago.  He was immediately pulled away from his typical training regiment and told to sit on the bench.

Posada has had more than one operation on his right labrum, which is the connective tissue at the shoulder and likened to kryptonite to any SuperCatcher.

The Yankees tried to hide his first labrum surgery in 2001. Subsequently, Jorge had other small procedures on his right shoulder, including an operation to remove shoulder cartilage. 

But the labrum is a whole different story, especially when chronic.

There are not too many players who come back from one labrum correction; let alone two and none have come back to 100 percent. 

Mark Mulder, Rob Nen, Jason Schmidt, Mark Gubicza, and Mike Scott are several who never fully recovered. The full recovery span for athletes takes about a year. Normal folks expect a two year recovery from labrum corrective surgery.

Chances are, Jorge may end up as the Yankee DH—leaving Hideki Matsui or Johnny Damon on the bench.

If so, then it means that Jose Molina will be behind the plate—and unfortunately—hitting from it too. He, Cano and Cabrera made for the worst offense on the team in 2008.

Considering that Matsui, Damon and Posada all played at the beginning of last season, and at the end of the season (less Jorge, add Pudge) were Nady, Gardner and Abreu; it just doesn’t seem like the cure to the Yankee offensive woes is to improve at first base, but worsen in right field all while the “terrible trio” remains in place. 

Just think, the Yankees committed to $500 million dollars for three players before the start of spring training, but might feature Johnny Damon, Melky Cabrera and X. Nady as their primary outfielders. 

It would be like putting 20-inch chrome rims on a rusted out Nova (No Go). Plus, which player would be asked to "make room" for another catcher?


In addition to all this, a report that Alex Rodriguez has a cyst located in his hip surfaced yesterday, after the Dominican Republic-Marlin Game. 

Alex went 2-for-3 on the day, but made an unexpected early exit due to discomfort in his hip.  He was later given a MRI which confirmed the cyst. 

The type of cyst which A-Rod suffers is not known. There are two different types of bone cysts, one much more serious than the other, but both are life changing.

Typically, a bone cyst is the result of the thinning of the bone and joints, and causes pain when stressed.  They are normal hall marks of aging and common to osteoarthritis patients, who lack bone density. 

Typically, athletes have greater bone density than most people, so it's probably not "thin and brittle bone," which would be a god send.

The other reason for a hip cyst, accorind to the Journal of Joint and Bone Surgery, is physical injury.  The result is a bone spur, growth or calcium deposit.  If landed on the wrong angle, a calcium deposit could break his hip.

They are caused by impacts of opposing forces at the joint, leaving abnormalities throughout the bone.  A serious fall on the hip could cause one.

The good news is that, typically, bone cysts are not cancerous.

But if the cyst in A-Rod’s hip is indeed the result of impact, then he will have to have it surgically repaired, which would require drilling a hole into the cyst  and packing it with bone chip & antibiotics until fully healed. 

If he opts for "rehab", then he an the Yankees will risk a fracture.

What type cyst he has is NOT known yet.  And the Yankees have promised not to talk until it's been properly diagnosed without any doubt. The Yanks will not take any chances with A-Rod's health, so if he needs surgery, then he will get as soon as possible.

Because of the hips density, it will need plenty of time to fill back in and heal before anything sport related is even considered.  As scary as it sounds, this is the better type cyst to suffer.   

It's still not good news, especially when considering the Yankee Terrible Trio will be playing and Alex might not.

He may need hip replacement surgery when older, but technology could change.

Either way, some winces of pain—minus those caused by a prolonged Witch Hunt & Bud Selig's Posse Seeking Punishment—will sure to be seen on A-Rod’s face this season. 

Hopefully, for the Yankees, those winces won’t reflect on his play.  So far it hasn't.

With A-Rod and Posada facing dilemma, the Yankees would do well to get some insurance at the plate.

Now that Manny is gone, what bat is left to divert from the potential Yankee offensive disaster from repeating and is immune to Selig's Posse—who should have started investigating the Commissioner’s Office & focused more on cleaning up all of baseball and not just Yankee Players?

Maybe a mid-season trade for Jason Giambi could be in order, or possibly Adam Dunn.  In the meantime, Yankee fans had better pray that Cabrera and Cano experience a reawakening at the plate, lest all that good money spent in the offseason go nowhere but to the dogs.




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