UFC 152 Predictions: Jon Jones Will Keep Belt Safe from Aging Vitor Belfort

Steven GerwelContributor IIISeptember 22, 2012

UFC 152 will take place at 10 p.m. ET Saturday night at the Air Canada Centre in Ontario, Canada, and will be available through pay-per-view. 

The marquee event of the evening is Jon Jones' defense of his UFC light heavyweight title against challenger Vitor Belfort.

Belfort, who has been competing in MMA since 1996, has a record of 21-9 and has won his last two fights. Jones made his debut during UFC 87, coming away with unexpected victory over favorite Andre Gusmao. He has a 10-1 record in the UFC record and a 16-1 record in MMA, dating to 2008. 

Belfort, a 16-year veteran, will be forced to rely on that experience if he wants to overcome the odds and defeat the favored Jones. 

Though Belfort's lengthy career is impressive and his record is solid, he's not particularly known as a highlight fighter. 

When it comes to big-time matches, Belfort has traditionally come up short. He has a 1-2 record against Randy Couture. He lost to Chuck Lidell in 2002 and picked up another loss against Anderson Silva in 2011. 

At the least, he could use an impressive win against a favored opponent. 

Whether that win will come against Jones remains to be seen, but Jones certainly remains the favorite.

At 25 years old, Jones is young and his career is on the upswing, as opposed to Belfort, who is stuck in the twilight of his career. 

Jones also has a four-inch height advantage over the 6'0" Belfort, which certainly helps his cause. 

Belfort is the superior boxer, although Jones' reach takes away some of that advantage. As a result, Jones will use his experience as a former college wrestling star to try to win the match on the ground. 

Overall, Jones certainly has the advantage and is expected to come away with a victory. 

Let's hope this fight is merely a short detour on our way to seeing Jones take on an elite opponent.