Kelsey Griffin: DT's Flip-Flop with Georgia Embodies Chaotic State of Recruiting

Mike Shiekman@TheRealShiekFeatured ColumnistSeptember 22, 2012

In one of the crazier recruiting sagas in recent memory, Mill Creek (Ga.) defensive tackle Kelsey Griffin committed to Georgia Friday morning.

By the time the sun had come down that day, the 4-star lineman had decided to reconsider his options (via  The Atlanta Journal-Constitution).

Rumors swirl whether the Griffin commitment had been rejected from the Bulldogs or if the lineman has had a change of heart. Here’s what Griffin had to say himself about the day’s events, per the AJC report:

I did not affirm my commitment. For right now, that’s all I have to say. It wasn’t confirmed. It wasn’t official. So right now, I’m uncommitted.

Griffin had been considering UGA and South Carolina, among others. He will continue to explore those schools and possibly more. The Bulldogs had him on board for a few hours, it seemed, but he exercised his player rights not long after.

In this age, verbal commitment is as good as expired milk. Griffin knew that well and took full advantage of the flawed system that is college football recruiting.

Kids grow up watching LeBron James spend seven years in Cleveland, only to leave the franchise behind in a cloud of dust. Conversely, Peyton Manning gives his blood and sweat to the Indianapolis Colts, only to get released with some mileage left on his tires.

Loyalty is hard to find on both ends of the spectrum: player or team. High school football stars consider those consequences in picking their colleges.

Signing day used to be an ending to the recruiting saga occurring all across the country. Then Terrelle Pryor opted to weigh his options passed the signing-day deadline, and the rest is history.

High school players used to respect the tradition and deadlines in the recruiting process, but the excess exposure has turned the recruiting trail into anarchy.

It may not be their fault, exactly. You may have never heard of Kelsey Griffin if not for the emergence of online and television coverage of high school players' exploits. Alas, this is the world that Griffin lives in as he makes the biggest decision of his life up to this point.

Perhaps Griffin is not the culprit, but what is a team to do when it thinks it has a player locked up and he bails? That could be a testament to Griffin’s character if he can’t stay true to his word.

Word is no longer bond in college recruiting. Kelsey Griffin was not the first, and he won’t be the last.

Georgia is down a defensive tackle, for now. By Monday, Griffin may be a Bulldog again.

But who really knows anymore?


Mike Shiekman writes for B/R's Breaking News Team. He enjoys attacking the fundamental issues of the game he loves, but likes two-minutes drills and tailgates as much as the next guy.