With This Economic Recession, Which Two Are Hurting More—TNA or WWE?

Michael WollinCorrespondent IMarch 5, 2009

Now if you have kept up with the wrestling news you would be seeing wrestlers being released or not getting their contracts renewed to how they run their shows and in what building due to ticket sales. The Question is who is hurting more?

First TNA.

Now the first thing that opened people's eyes is not renewing Petey Williams' contract. A lot of people in TNA saw him as a great worker and do anything for TNA. Also they didn't renew the contracts of Sonjay Dutt, Jimmy Rave, and Lance Hoyt.

Some might say that it might be due to creative not having anything for them. Others say its due to them bringing in high price talent and they couldn't afford those guys. I am not going to go into that cause I really don't have a answer for that.

Another thing they are doing to cut cost is running less ppv's on the road. This is due to poor ticket sales where they have to move people to the floor, give out tickets for free to the point they had a deal on ticket master where you entered a code and got up to four free tickets.

The upside for TNA is they have scheduled house shows, more money from Spike TV, and selling more merchandise.  Also not having to worry about overseas money makes things easier due to currency declining.

So TNA is not hurting, but doesn't mean they won't cut cost where possible.

Now WWE.

WWE has first cut cost by first releasing lower card talent on the main roster on Raw, Smackdown, and ECW. They have also released a lot of talent in Florida Championship Wrestling for the fact of cutting costs.

The next thing they have done is start running house shows, tv, and ppv in smaller buildings due to their poor ticket sales. When a promoter wants to run an event they have to pay a fee to rent the arena and due to poor ticket sales that is cutting into what they make at the gate.

Now they are taping two weeks worth of smackdown in one night. Now if that is not a costs cutting measure than I don't know what is. This helps WWE with having to pay talent, crew, building rental, and other things.

They have fired office personnel as well to cut costs.

One of the big things that hurts WWE the most is: They are a public traded company. With the stock market at its lowest since the 1930s, this is the most hurtful thing to the company.

This is the number one reason why they are cutting talent and office personnel at a record pace. When you are a publicly traded company one thing that is the most important, keep the shareholders happy.

With that, WWE is hurting more. With this recession and people not buying tickets, pay-per-views, and merchandise in the U.S. and overseas. Expect much more cost cutting.