Tim Tebow Vogue: America Must Not Blow Jets QB's Photo Spread out of Proportion

Patrick ClarkeCorrespondent ISeptember 22, 2012

Photo credit: Vogue
Photo credit: Vogue

New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow has—and will continue to—take a bashing from NFL players and fans around the country for his decision to pose shirtless for photographer Annie Leibovitz in a spread for the October issue of Vogue.

That's why I'm here to advise all of the Tebow critics, and all of America for that matter, not to blow this photoshoot out of proportion. After all, it's not a playoff loss, just a photo spread.

By now it shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that Tim Tebow is a celebrity. And celebrities, especially ones with impressive bodies, do photo spreads for magazines. Tebow also has fans, and what do they want?

More Tebow.

The third-year NFL quarterback isn't forcing himself on America. America simply demands more Tebow. Editors wouldn't ask for him to be in their magazine if he didn't sell.

But what is America to do as long as he's listed as the Jets' backup? 

Well, welcome to the other side of the Tim Tebow coin: celebrity. 

This side of Tim Tebow has developed more than his throwing arm over the years. First it was his smile, next his personality, then his kindness and now his unrivaled physical shape in terms of the average NFL quarterback.

People aren't shocked when Channing Tatum takes his shirt off for the camera. They don't ask why he isn't paying more attention to the scripts for their upcoming roles. It's part of being a celebrity with muscles.

For whatever reason, some Americans seems much less fond of the idea of an NFL player putting himself out there and giving his fans something else to grab hold of. 

Knowing beforehand that this photoshoot would raise eyebrows and have his NFL peers laughing in his face, Tebow proved once and for all that he couldn't care less about the reaction or the overreaction to his celebrity.

Neither should America. 


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