WWE Rumors: Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura Considering 2016 Presidential Run?

Greg DeMarcoAnalyst IIISeptember 21, 2012

Credit: IVN.us
Credit: IVN.us

WWE Hall of Famer Jesse “The Body” Ventura ran in, and won, the 1998 gubernatorial election in Minnesota. He seemingly shocked the world with his victory, and soon started calling himself Jesse “the Governor” Ventura. In 2016, could that moniker change to “the President?”

According to a report from PWInsider, the former WWE commentator is considering a serious run at the nation’s top political office in 2016.

Ventura stated that out of all the United States President, only George Washington did not belong to a political party and he wants to start 'a new party that is a grassroots movement. In politics, all you get is coke and Pepsi...one is slightly sweeter and they are both bad for you.'

In nearly every avenue he’s pursued, Jesse Ventura has been a success. Prior to wrestling, he served his country as a member of the Navy’s elite Underwater Demolition Team and was also a Navy SEAL.

Once he entered the world of wrestling, he embarked on a hall of fame career that included winning the AWA World Tag Team Championships with Adrian Adonis.

Jesse wrestled for the (then) WWF from 1981-1984, reaching the top of the card as a challenger to the world championship held by Bob Backlund. Blood clots in his lungs (caused by Agent Orange inhalation while serving in Vietnam) lead to his retirement. He attempted to return to wrestling on more than one occasion, but each return never lead to a steady in-ring career.

In 1987, Jesse had become a color commentator for several WWF programs. He eventually left in 1990 over a contract dispute. He resurfaced in WCW in 1992. He made several one-shot returns to the WWF/E over the next decade, pushing both the company’s storylines and promoting his own projects.

Over the years he was also a successful actor, most notably his supporting role in Predator. He has also authored many best-selling books.

In politics, he served as the mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota before eventually becoming the state’s governor. He declined to run for re-election, for what CNN reported as family considerations.

Ventura’s recent assertion about occupying the Oval Office undoubtedly brings up discussion about his capabilities in the role. Ventura is a known conspiracy theorist, even hosting a show by the same name. His theories are well known in the political world and the wrestling world.

Guest color commentator JBL even noted “Jesse Ventura-like conspiracy theories” on the most recent Monday Night Raw broadcast, when referring to Kaitlyn’s storyline injury that cost her a Night of Champions title match against then Divas Champion Layla.

While I usually choose to stay out of politics, Ventura’s potential run would easily gain my attention. According to a recent Pew Research Center poll, 52 percent of Americans were more interested in the Republican Party’s platform than Mitt Romney's convention speech.

Jesse “The Body” Ventura could easily change that. He moves to the beat of his own drum, and is successful enough to not bow to special interest groups in an effort to drive his campaign. He is naturally charismatic and speaks to the average American.

According to a New York Times report, 64.1 percent of Americans voted in the 2008 election, which was the highest percentage since 1908.

Could Ventura bring more Americans to the polls in support of an alternative candidate, one who wants something different out of the leader of world’s strongest nation? Would you vote for him?