New York Knicks: Top 5 Most Amazing Dunkers in Team History

Ciaran Gowan@@CiaranGowanContributor IIISeptember 24, 2012

New York Knicks: Top 5 Most Amazing Dunkers in Team History

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    Though the last 10 years will tell you otherwise, the New York Knicks have been a pretty exciting team over the course of their existence.

    Besides having various Hall of Famers ply their trade for the Blue and Orange, one of the reasons for this has been the number of great dunkers to have called Madison Square Garden home.

    From the "Sky Walker" himself to little Nate Robinson, there have been plenty of amazing dunkers in New York over the years, so let's take a look at the top five of all time.

5. Patrick Ewing

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    Arguably the greatest player in New York Knicks history, Patrick Ewing was a pretty good dunker, too.

    As a seven-footer, dunking really wasn't a challenge for Ewing, but it was still impressive to see the power he finished with at the rim.

    This ferocious slam over fierce rival Alonzo Mourning pretty much sums up what Ewing could do when given a little bit of space in the paint, and it's impressive,

    Mourning wasn't the only player Ewing posterized in his 17-year career, as his career highlight reel includes many a dunk against helpless opposition. 

4. Gerald Wilkins

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    Though not as famous for it as his brother Dominique, Gerald Wilkins could get up above the rim, too.

    Gerald didn't have quite the success of his brother when it came to the dunk contest, as he failed to finish higher than fourth in two attempts for the crown.

    Still, Wilkins has himself a collection of in-game dunks to be proud of, including this beauty where he manages to hang in the air long enough to get the better of Michael Jordan.

    Despite being a second-round pick, Wilkins provided a lot more than just the potential for a highlight-reel play, and over the course of seven seasons with the Knickerbockers, he averaged a stout 14.9 points and 3.5 assists per game.

3. John Starks

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    When people think of John Starks, there are generally two major plays that come to mind.

    His miss at the end of Game 6 the 1994 NBA Finals is one of them, but a fonder memory Knicks fans have of their scrappy guard is his dunk over pretty much every member of the Chicago Bulls in the 1993 Eastern Conference finals.

    "The Dunk," as it is now known, was without a doubt the greatest dunk of Starks' career (and one of the greatest in league history), but it wasn't the only acrobatic play he managed to pull off in eight years with New York.

    Some call him overrated, but when you look at plays like "The Dunk," it's easy to see why Starks was so popular among Knicks fans.

2. Kenny "Sky" Walker

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    Kenny Walker may not have been the best player in Knicks history, but one thing he knew how to do was dunk.

    Blessed with exceptional leaping ability, Walker made up for what he lacked in other areas with the way he could fly to the rim.

    In only five years with the Knicks, he earned the nickname "Sky Walker," which is pretty apt when you look at his performance at the 1989 NBA Slam Dunk Contest, which came just days after the death of his father.

    There aren't many players who can average just seven points per game and still be remembered 20 years later, but Walker's high-flying play has made sure that he hasn't been forgotten.

1. Nate Robinson

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    When you're 5'9", it's a challenge to even compete in the NBA, but to be 5'9" and one of the premier dunkers in the league is just unheard of.

    Nate Robinson has done it, though, and with three career Slam Dunk Contest victories (all of which were won as a Knick), he stands alone as the best contestant in dunk contest history.

    He didn't do it quite as often in games, but Robinson still threw it down every now and then in open play, mostly in impressive fashion.

    There have been a number of great dunkers at Madison Square Garden over the years, but you can't argue with the hardware, and Robinson has a lot of it.