Jerry Angelo: Thanks for All the Hard Work

Max KienzlerAnalyst IMarch 4, 2009

Ah, there is nothing more satisfying that watching your team make shrewd and calculated decisions in the NFL free agency.

As a Chicago Bears fan, this past week has been exciting. Why might you ask? Well I will tell you...

I was pumped when we went after free agent receiver T.J. Houshmandzadeh. I mean, John Clayton couldn't stop talking about how Jerry Angelo and the rest of the Bears management was trying to bring TJ in for a visit to hammer out details for an offer.  It was great to see.

And what was even better, after our talks stalled and the Seahawks swooped in and snagged him, the Bears "brain trust" didn't miss a step and turned their efforts directly to Laveranues Coles to try and net a good, quality veteran to come and and teach Devin Hester. I was amazed Coles didn't sign with us after we rolled out the red carpet for him.

Nevertheless, it was still fun to follow the intense negotiations the Bears had with the seven time pro-bowler, Brian Dawkins. I mean the Bears realized they had a hole back in the safety spot and immediately went after the premiere safety available.

While we didn't net him because $17 million over five years is FAR TO EXCESSIVE for a seven TIME PRO BOWLER, I was so happy to know the Bears were making an effort to bring in quality talent.

But hey, at least we almost landed Jeff Saturday and Jason Brown. I mean talk about knowing your weaknesses and trying to better them. What two better players could the Bears try to entice to Chicago than two experienced offensive lineman to fill in at the guard position, seeing as how Roberto Garza is 78-years-old. 

And what kills me is that the Bears tried so hard to convince these guys to come play here. They invited them to Chi-town. They gave them a tour of Halas Hall, they talked with their agents, introduced them to other players and coaching staff. It baffles me how neither ended up signing with us.

What baffles me even more is how after so much persistence and so many offers to John St. Clair, he is still testing Free agency. I mean you would think after all of the generous offers we have made him, he would have caved by now, jeez.

... Oh, wait. My bad. That must be some other team I am talking about. Our team's big splash was the signing of Frank Omiyale, who very well might turn into a good player. But we signed him to a four-year deal without him having ever been anything more than a good bench player.

We didn't make a play for TJ or Coles. We didn't even talk to Brian Dawkins, even though we have a gaping hole at safety. We ignored basically every offensive lineman who was a FA with the exception of the aforementioned Omiyale, including St. Clair who played pretty damn good all things considered last year.

And taking into account Tait's big decision, you would think the O-line would have been a little higher on Jerry Angelos' agenda. Instead, Jerry only wants to talk with the media, call out Nathan Vasher, and clip his toe nails before even considering picking up a phone to do business.

And to be fair, it isn't even the fact that none of these players signed with the Bears. It is the fact that the Bears did not even make an attempt at any of these guys.

Nowhere in any reports was it said that "the Chicago Bears were involved in negotiations" or "the Chicago Bears reached out to free agent X". It's maddening.

Even if you make an effort and get shut down, at least you are making the damn effort. At least you are making your fans believe you are out there trying your hardest to improve this team.

At this very moment, I feel like Jerry Angelo does not care whether this team wins or loses. I hate people that do not care.