A Letter To The Congress: It's All About the Benjamin

AkDSenior Writer IMarch 4, 2009

I find these truths self evident that all men are created equally.

I find these truths self evident that Mr. Benjamin needs to win the big one.

Dear WWE:

I have been a loyal like the rest. Your subjects are obedient as you supply them with greatness. The subjects have done nothing but participate in your festivities. Dues are paid via Ticketmaster and Shopzone.

The subjects have come from lands away. Millenniums and generations apart, we are yours forever. Lately, the subjects have not been represented. We undergo taxation without representation.

A handful of the latest stories have perplexed our minds and left us scraping our tongues in disgust. What have we done? The dynasty has conformed with the PG act. Parliament has passed the act without our consent.

Who are we to complain disdainfully as we are just subjects. The products have been altered. We have stood by side through thick and thin. Your loyal subjects were prepared for war as they verbally and mentally stood by your side during the Monday Night Wars.

The Rabid Wolverine has been erased from history and the Wellness act was implemented. Pushes have been given out like hotcakes, but some worthy ones have not received though.

Cyber Sunday appears to be the only moment when we can steer the direction of justice. They stood by the 90 day "no action" act and have been divided on the TNA prohibition. Nevertheless, I cannot speak on behalf of the dynasty, but I'll speak for one man.

The dynasty will be manifested tonight.

Long have we, I endured the promotions of many officials. CM Punk, Batista, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy, and the rest. Those who are unworthy, you should be familiar with. Long have I set my my occipital lobes on these promotions.

The memories in my vault can be and will be used as evidence. Just to negate the probable biased feeling, these references are evidence in the form of history rooting from the inception oscillating memories. Our legislature has put together points that your majesty should consideration and ponder on.

~ DM Resolved 1 : Shelton Benjamin defeats Chris Jericho for first WWE Intercontinental championship at Taboo Tuesday

~ DM Resolved 2: Benjamin had a string of successfully title defenses against Christian, Chris Jericho and Maven, and Ric Flair each in "clean" fashion

~ DM Resolved 3: Benjamin was part of Team Angle as well as World's Greatest Tag Team, who are two-time WWE tag team champions.

~ DM Resloved 4: Benjamin has feuded with the entire Evolution stable and has defeated Triple H three weeks in a row.

~ DM Resolves 5: The World's greatest Tag Team had defeated Los Guerreros and Chris Benoit and Rhyno at Wrestlemania XIX to retain the tag titles.

~ DM Resolved 6: Shelton Benjamin participated in the first Money In The Bank match at Wrestlemania 21 and preformed jaw-dropping stunts.

~ DM Resolved 7: Benjamin won the U.S. title on July 20, 2008 at the Great American Bash and still holds the title to this day.

~ DM Resolves 8: Benjamin is one of the most athletic superstars in the WWE.

~ DM Resloved 9: Shelton had withstood the "doghouse" in the form of the Momma angle.

~ DM Resolved 10: A tangent.....but who's on the 100 dollar bill? A man named Benjamin

I dreamed of this day. I had a dream. A dream that present itself as the culmination of a true superstars work. Back in my hopefully prominent vault, I searched the index. Went to B and went straight to Benjamin.

Everyone is making their MITB pleads, so I shall make mine. I don't look at is as a plead, but justice.

WWE, Mr. Benjamin has done an outstanding job. WWE, Mr. Benjamin was one of your greatest Intercontinental Champions. WWE, Mr. Benjamin was one of the longest reigning U.S. champions.

The rest of the of the competitors aren't revealed, but they're about six so far I believe. I found a nifty little WWE yellow pages book and looked for the other competitors. CM Punk, Finlay, Mark Henry, Kane, Shelton, and MVP. Two more competitors are left.

This is a travesty and an injustice. Anything but the Benjamins are being demonstrated. My heart has ached from witnessing lackluster pushes. You want to push? Push Mr. Benjamin Parliament.

My fellow colleagues out there might be able to concur with me. Bias or not, something must be done. How much longer me we, I wait for justice?