Gostkowski's Missed FG Turns Foxborough into a Living Soap Opera

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Gostkowski's Missed FG Turns Foxborough into a Living Soap Opera
OOOPs--Gostkowski watches his kick go wide left

Let’s face it: Having a winning team is nice, but it can also become boring.

Placing W’s in the results column week-after-week gets pretty tedious, whereas following a record that reads like W,L,W,L,L,W,W,L is not only challenging, but brings some variety to our existence. So thank you, Stephen Gostkowski, for bringing some spice to our lives.

If you had only hit it straight and true, we would have put a W next to Week 2 and written that game off as a bad day—a game in which the superior team found a way of winning, and the inferior team managed to craft a creative solution to the problem of how to lose.  

But now that we have an L next to that first W and face a Ravens team quite capable of expanding that L column, we can speculate with serious energy about what is wrong with the Patriots.

Thanks to you, Mr Gostkowski, life with the Patriots has now become a conundrum within an enigma and a house of cards. Or to endlessly mix metaphors, perhaps Gillette has become nothing more than a dwelling made of straw or wood rather than brick—an opportunity for the Big Bad Ravens to huff and puff and….  

In short, let there be vigorous speculation among Patriot Nation, filled with plots and sub-plots, trauma and worry and a change in punctuation from “In Bill we Trust!” to “In Bill We Trust?”

How long will it take for Josh McDaniels’ new offensive schemes to gel? Will Josh and Tom and Brandon Lloyd ever get on the same page? Can Wes Welker and Julian Edelman co-exist in this offense?

How badly will we miss Aaron Hernandez, and can the inevitable addition of Deion Branch and the tantalizing signing of Kellen Winslow make a noticeable difference in the Pats’ ability to move the ball?

Will Brian Waters ever show up riding a large white horse and make things right on the offensive line? And to look at the bigger picture, who would have ever thought that our angst this year would focus on the ability to score touchdowns rather than to prevent them?

So tune in next Sunday night to the next edition of our weekly soap opera: As the Pigskin Turns.

A big win against the Ravens would do a lot to reassure us that all is right with the world, and a loss will cause all hell to break loose. And if it comes down to a last-second field goal and it’s hard to believe that this was our placekicker’s first shot at winning it with everything on the line, let us remind Stephen Gostkowski that he holds our collective sanity in his hands, well, actually his right leg.

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