Atlantic Sun Tournament Predictions

Bo TalonCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2009

Wednesday, March 4, Allen Arena (Nashville, Tennessee)

No.7 Stetson vs. No. 2 East Tennessee State

The regular season was split between these two teams as the games were both close but Stetson has lost four in a row so I have to give the advantage to the lower seed. East Tennessee State wins.


Thursday, March 5

No. 6 Mercer vs. No. 3 Belmont

The regular season was split this year between Mercer and Belmont, both teams are three-point happy teams so really whoever has the better shooting game will come out of this one with a win. I'm going to go with Belmont due to the seeding, Belmont wins.

No. 5 Campbell vs. #4 Lipscomb

The regular season was split and both teams are on a roll coming in with winning streaks. Lipscomb just seems to be the better team though as they dominated Campbell at Campbell so I am giving them the edge. Lipscomb wins.


Friday, March 6th

No. 2 East Tennessee State vs. No. 3 Belmont

East Tennessee State came off of a tough road trip losing three of four, including one to Belmont, but seem to have got right back on their game. They have dominated in their last two. The 30-point victory over Belmont earlier in the year shows that they know how to play against Belmont. East Tennessee State wins.

No. 1 Jacksonville vs. No. 4 Lipscomb

I dont know if Jacksonville can actually slow Lipscomb down. They lost at Lipscomb earlier and this would be the spot for Lipscomb to get shut down. But, I don't see that happening so Lipscomb rides its hot ride to the championship game. Lipscomb wins.


Saturday, March 7

No. 2 East Tennessee State vs. No. 4 Lipscomb

Both teams are going to be a little worn out by this game playing three in the past four days at least. Lipscomb has more go to players that would be able to step up on game day and help them move past another game and continue their hot streak to the NCAAs. Lipscomb wins.