Aussie Cricket War Horses Worse For Wear

stoph verismoContributor IMarch 4, 2009

Australia's dilemma to secure a sustained and effective bowling element to their test side must be giving the selectors a monstrous migraine!

No sooner do we get a lineup that can take twenty wickets then they start breaking down like horses racing to the glue factory.

Peter Siddle has proven himself a thoughtful (as you would expect from a Victorian!) bowler with good variety, pace and temperament. His toe niggle is such a pain for a player really starting to find his feet!

Ben Hilfenhaus is supposedly the fittest player in the side (his buffed up photo shoot for the cricketers calender lends support for that!) but let's hope his back strain won't set him back for the Ashes.

Brett Lee, Mr '06-07 consistency and AB Medalist had no effect against India and South Africa until his wheels fell off. It will take a rapid recovery and a 180-degree turnaround in form to get back into the side—and I can't see that happening before England.

Stuart Clark may find that his line and length perfection is no longer required as he gets his fitness back and wants to edge his way in again; more so if Siddle continues his role and gets over his problem.

Doug Bollinger is suffering a stomach strain, he too will be needed to move the ball sideways through the air in Ol' Blighty. If he can get it together in time, and take bags full I'll be sending him bottles of his name sake!

Shane Watson is something akin to a building made from biscuits! If he was any more brittle he'd need to be swept up with a dust-pan after every delivery and rebuilt!

All teams need to deal with the stresses imposed on bodies by competitive sport, but for the sake of great competition, let's hope Australia can field a side that holds little selection compromise, and that the two countries can slog it out for another five days, as they have all summer.