Patriot League Tournament Prediction

Bo TalonCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2009

Wednesday March 4th, @ higher seeds

No. 8 Lafayette @ No. 1 American

American won both games in the regular season including an overtime win @ Lafayette this weekend...but seeing how American has won 10 straight, I can't see them losing a first round matchup....American wins

No. 7 Bucknell @ No. 2 Holy Cross

These two teams split there regular season with each winning on the road, yet I see R.J. Evans picking it up for Holy Cross after a rough shooting night against Bucknell in the loss earlier allowing Holy Cross to take an easy win...Holy Cross wins

No. 6 Colgate @ No. 3 Navy

Colgate comes in on a five game losing streak including a loss to Navy this last weekend...Navy won both regular season matchups and seems to have Colgate's number...Navy wins

No. 5 Lehigh @ No. 4 Army

I feel as tho Lehigh is the better team here...They beat Army by 20 at home and lost in triple overtime to them on the road...I think that Lehigh goes into Army and pulls out the win rather than a triple OT loss the second time around...Lehigh Wins

Sunday March 8th

No. 5 Lehigh @ No. 1 American

American has been dominating lately and beat Lehigh both times they played them in the regular season...I see no reason to advance them...American Wins

No. 3 Navy @ No. 2 Holy Cross

Both regular season matchups were close with the home teams winning each one...The game is very dependent on how Evans does again for Holy Cross, but I think that Navy is too good to be beat by Evans alone and will pull this game off...Navy Wins

Friday March 13th

No. 3 Navy @ No. 1 American

American won both of the regular season matchups but by a total of 6 points overall...I just think that American is on too much of a roll and will be too much for anyone in the league to handle right now, and don't really have any reason to bet against them...I see American heading to the NCAAs