No New Wide Reciever for the Philadelphia Eagles This Year.

James WhiteContributor IMarch 4, 2009

As I do most mornings, I was musing over the Eagles offseason while enjoying a bowl of honey nut loops.

What will the Eagles do on draft day?

Obviously, I don't know the answer, but I can't see how the Eagles spend a high draft pick on a receiver. I would love to see someone brought in to compliment DeSean Jackson, and, according to a recent poll on, fans believe that wide receiver is our biggest need.

I hate to ruin things for you, but it's not, not even close. With the recent loss of Dawkins, chances of our long awaited TO replacement will have to wait.

Another look at the Eagles needs...

1) Offensive Line 

It looks like the Eagles don't have any interest in re-signing Tra Thomas. It has been Andy Reid's policy to cut, trade and drop older players. With the consistency the Eagles have shown under his tenure, I can't argue. With that in mind, you may not see Runyan back either and any way you look at it we need a new lineman.

As it stands, Stacy Andrews takes the right tackle position and Shawn Andrews stays at right guard, leaving a gap at left tackle. It can shifted around so that either of the Andrews brothers or Todd Herremans move to left tackle and Nick Cole (if he stays) takes the remaining guard position.

But that would leaves us a bit low on depth on the offensive line. Even if Andy Reid does retain the services of Runyan, Eagles would need to start looking for his replacement.

Need star rating (Out of Ten): Six Stars (The signing of Stacy Andrews bringing it down from a solid 10)

The 'Aesthetically pleasing pick' rating: Six Stars


2) Running Back

Buckhalter moving to Denver should have silenced the few remaining people who did not think a new running back was important.

If the Eagles manage to take a player like Knowshon Moreno or Chris Wells, it would help keep Brian Westbrook healthy and prolong his career.A player like Wells would also help with the short yardage game problems the Eagles had last season.

Obviously, I'm not forgetting the fact that should give us a top running back for the next 10ish years.

Need star rating: Nine Stars

The 'Aesthetically pleasing pick' rating: Nine Stars


3) Tight End

Brent Celek was great at the end of last season but opinions are divided on whether he can be relied upon as an every down player. The loss of LJ Smith leaves the Eagles short at the tight end position. Bringing in the right player during the draft would help both the short yardage running game and the red zone offence.

Need star rating: Seven Stars

The 'Aesthetically pleasing pick' rating: Eight stars


4) Safety -

I miss Brian Dawkins already, I'm already tired of reading about him. Quintin Demps has the physical attributes to be a starting NFL safety, but the NFC championship game showed he's not there yet.

He was inexperienced, he was against perhaps the best wide receiver in the league and it was a high pressure game, so his performance was understandable. A couple of more years under Dawkins and he could be a starter, a couple of more years with Dawkins and we wouldn't have to address the safety position with an early draft pick this year.

There are rumours that Sheldon Brown might be moved to safety in which case we need a new cornerback. I'm not sure Shawn Springs is the answer.

Need star rating: Six Stars

The 'Aesthetically pleasing pick' rating: Two Stars


5) Wide Receiver -

Eagles fans want a new wide receiver. With depth at that position, anything other than a first or second round pick isn't necessary. The drafting of Desean Jackson only helped to stoke the fire on what a top wideout could possibly do for the Eagles. 

But there is depth, youth and talent at that position and, with the emergence of the safety position as a priority need, the wide receiver postion gets shelved until next year.

Need star rating: Four Stars

The 'Aesthetically pleasing pick' rating: 10 Stars


Other morning musings...

The Eagles were right not to go for TJ Houshmandzadeh. He is entering his twilight years as a receiver and would only need to be replaced pretty soon after arriving.

Should we trade for Anquan Boldin? Who would we trade? We can't give away an early draft pick, they're being used to bring in the above needs.

With two first round picks, there are numerous outcomes that would make my a happy fan come draft day. If you see a way that Philadelphia can pick a top receiver while addressing their more pressing needs, please enlighten me. 

Eagles will start the 2009 season with youth and talent throughout the roster, but we might as well start looking at the top receiving prospects in next year's draft.



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