5-Star RB Jalen Hurd's Offer from Florida Shouldn't Worry Georgia or Alabama

Andrew Kulha@@AKonSportsSenior Analyst IIISeptember 20, 2012

Via 247Sports
Via 247Sports

Five-star 2014 running back Jalen Hurd has received another offer from a big SEC school, the Florida Gators. Should his other two SEC interests, Alabama and Georgia, be worried?

According to Luke Stampini of 247Sports.com, the Gators see Hurd playing running back, and Hurd is very happy he got the offer:

“He (coach Pease) sees me at the running back position, he says ‘you’re a great athlete, I’m just looking forward to seeing you run and catch’ so I guess he will have me spread out catching passes too.”

The offer from the Gators is one Hurd wanted and anticipated coming.

“It’s great, it really is,” Hurd said of the new offer from Florida. “I was hoping they were the next offer and I’m glad they offered now.”

Hurd has quickly become one of the class of 2014's biggest names, and he has offers from a ton of schools. His major interest seems to be in the SEC though, with Alabama at the top of his list and Georgia near the top, so how is this offer from Florida going to impact the rest of the SEC?

Frankly, at this point in the process it's anybody's game for the top 2014 prospects in the nation. They still have all of this season plus all of next season to make an impression, and with a prospect as talented as Hurd, he's bound to get offers from just about everybody, especially from the SEC.

If I'm Alabama or Georgia, I'm not all that worried about Florida's offer.

'Bama is a constant national title contender known for producing great running backs, and Georgia always has some sort of featured back drawing national attention. They currently have two freshman running backs, Todd Gurley and Keith Marshall, making waves, so it's rather evident that a back like Hurd can go to Georgia and make an impact early.

Florida, while ranked No. 14 on the AP Poll, is nowhere near either program's level at the moment, so unless these next two seasons prove otherwise, I don't see them being a threat to either Alabama or Georgia for Hurd. The only thing they may have going for them is that he seems to be excited about their offer, but then again, what high school junior wouldn't be excited about an offer to play football at a major college?

He's a five-star prospect so he's going to garner a ton of attention from a lot of big programs. That's just the way it is....

Football programs like Georgia and Alabama have been built by outrecruiting other big programs though, so I don't see this offer phasing either school.

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