Team USA-Sizemore Conspiracy? Something to "Choo" On

Chris KreitzerSenior Analyst IMarch 4, 2009

Tribe centerfielder Grady Sizemore was a late scratch from Team USA'd World Baseball Classic roster. A mysterious groin injury occurred last Thursday, and Sizemore and the Indians came to the conclusion that he needed to be shut down for a week to evaluate his health. Now Grady is expected to be back in the lineup Friday to DH.

Now, I imagine that Sizemore was initially pumped to play for his country in this made up exhibition. It seems odd to me that after going 2-for-3, stealing a base, and assuming his position in center, he somehow aggravated this nagging groin problem.

I was able to capture video of both hits and his stolen base, so make the call with your own eyes.

Guy looked fine to me!

But really, Sizemore staying in Goodyear is definitely a good thing for the Indians, so don't confuse these clips with the JFK tapes. I mean, with the news of Shin Soo Choo having arm issues out in Korea somewhere, all Clevelanders should be grateful that relatively few of their players (DeRosa, Perez, Weglarz, and Espino) are competing in the WBC.

This contrived World Cup-esque baseball charade needs to either be played in October or not be held at all. The way it is, starting pitchers will really only be able to throw three to five innings at a maximum, and they will not be at their peak anyway. It takes these guys usually all of spring training to get up to the 80-to-100 pitch level, and at least that long to get to top velocity.

I can only imagine the agony Indians fans would be in watching Cliff Lee throw for Team USA or Fausto Carmona pitch for the Dominican Rebublic. A collective sigh would be heard all the way from Ohio every time they left the mound without injury.

Hopefully, DeRosa will play often enough to stay fresh and won't be glued to the bench as a utility guy. Also, say a little prayer that Rafael Perez is (conversely) not overused as a setup guy for the Dominican team (he pitched two innings in an exhibition game already yesterday).

The WBC is a joke and another fleeting attempt by Bud Selig to over-expose an event (see the All-Star Game home-field advantage fiasco) and prop up baseball for all the wrong reasons.

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