Rudy Fernandez Was Robbed, Slam Dunk Contest Was Rigged!

Zachary WestRasmusCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2009

Rudy Fernandez, a last minute vote-on by fans to the 2009 Sprite Slam Dunk Contest ballot, was robbed from a second round bid, by biased judges.

Fernandez, a small Spaniard, only dreamed of getting a shot to show the world what he was made of, by preforming some acrobatic, high flying dunks.

However, he had no shot of even making it to the second round, as all the judges wanted was Dwight and Nate.

From before the Contest even started, the judges knew who was advancing to the second round; Nate Robinson and Dwight Howard. They had a whole final round planned out; "Krypto-Nate" vs. Superman.

To put it simply, the judges voted star power over star skills.

Rudy's first dunk was fantastic!

He threw the ball behind his back off the backboard, ran across the court and grabbed it, and slammed it home while fading away from the basket.

His second dunk was equally amazing.

He had Pau Gasol throw the ball off the back of the backboard, while Rudy ran from the 3-point line. Leaping in the air, Fernandez snagged the ball, soared across the court, and slammed the ball down on the other side of the basket!

Rudy Fernandez was stellar that night and the judges, comprised of many former Phoenix Suns players, gave him a terrible score.

Yes, his second dunk took a little while to finally complete, but his moves were electric.

If you ask me, I say the NBA All-Star Weekend Dunk Contest should have 6 contestants from now on, with three rounds of dunking.

Next time, give Rudy a chance!


Rudy's First Dunk

Rudy's Second Dunk