WWE: Has the Time Come to Unify the Top Championships?

Giulio RomanoCorrespondent IISeptember 21, 2012

Belts, championships and titles...oh my!! Image by Flickr
Belts, championships and titles...oh my!! Image by Flickr

Everything happens for a reason.

CM Punk, as WWE Champion, and Sheamus, the World Heavyweight Champion, have been on a dominant rampage ever since they laid claim to their respective titles.

No one has defeated them yet, and though it may have come close at times, their opponents failed because destiny had other plans for the top men of the hour.

Now, as fate would have it, John Cena has been sidelined for a few weeks due to surgery and it seems unlikely he can return in time for the Hell In A Cell pay-per-view event in October.

That leaves CM Punk without a legit threat...for now.

Sheamus has been unstoppable since WrestleMania XXVIII. He took everyone out and even battled the WWE Champion in non-title matches a few times.

To add fuel to the fire, the Straight Edge Superstar claims to be the "best in the world" and referred to the Celtic Warrior as nothing better than "second best". 

Those are bold words. Words one hot-tempered redhead shouldn't let pass so easily.

After years of debate and rumors and consideration, it now seems quite fitting to assume that within a year's time, WWE will going ahead with the plan to unify the top championships.

Is it time I ask myself?

Honestly, I think it is.

After all, The Rock returns soon, Brock Lesnar is around, John Cena is in and out of the title picture, Dolph Ziggler holds the MITB briefcase and the two top champions keep being placed in front of each other.

Add to that the fact that Sheamus was threatened of being stripped of his title if he used the Brogue Kick. Imagine he had been? 

That could explain the sudden alliance between Punk and Heyman. It was created to clearly secure CM Punk as the ruler and sole master of the WWE Universe, once and for all. 

No matter how you achieve it. By any means necessary. To become Undisputed WWE Champion is worth any and all sacrifices.

I can definitely get behind that wagon. That's the way life works.

Has the time come, really? 

There would certainly be many stories to spin out of all that drama. Enough to build one amazing road to WrestleMania, and right away, too.

***A side note: Dolph Ziggler often reminds me of a young Jericho circa 2001. Could he be chosen the Undisputed Champion some time soon? He is obviously worthy of such an honor. The man performs well and has earned it.

Unifying championships...a topic so spoken of and so controversial. It seems like there is no end to the puzzles.

I am on the PRO side of things. It is better to have only one. It is like that everywhere else. WWE changed from one to two champions 10 years ago, a mistake easily rectified.

Having one World title also serves as a great way to elevate other titles. 

How many more people could suddenly challenge the Intercontinental and United States Champions? Maybe even some great Main-Eventers.

À suivre...

This is a new day and age. It is time for the company to reflect on that change and work on bringing the WWE and WHC titles together as it they once were, for the benefit of all in the future.

It is inevitable. Things come full circle in the end—they always do.