Liverpool FC: Best Options to Replace Steven Gerrard as Liverpool Captain

Jake RoddCorrespondent IIISeptember 20, 2012

Liverpool FC: Best Options to Replace Steven Gerrard as Liverpool Captain

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    Liverpool have made a poor start to the Premier League, with their only points coming from draws against Sunderland and Manchester City. A plethora of reasons—including lack of clinical finishing and that little bit of luck—have lead to a consistent run of lacklustre performances, but the lack of "the Gerrard of old" has certainly contributed.

    Although I expect Gerrard to pick himself up and take the Liverpool side with him, there will come a day—but it isn't close yet—when Gerrard must take to the sidelines and leave another player the responsibility of captaining his beloved side.

1. Jonjo Shelvey

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    Jonjo Shelvey, amongst other youngsters, is spending an increasingly large amount of time on the pitch thanks to faith in youth from Brendan Rodgers. Shelvey is perhaps the younger version of Steven Gerrard—determined, exciting and above all, talented.

    Shelvey is a candidate in his own right seeing as he has led the England team out at most youth levels, providing him with valuable experience.

    Like most players on this list, he also plays in a central role in midfield, making communication to the rest of the side much easier.

2. Lucas Leiva

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    Lucas is suffering from injury at the moment, but he is being used as a scout. This role, however temporary, will give him beneficial knowledge of the Brendan Rodgers style of play, thus making him a suitable candidate for captain.

    Also, Lucas is hugely dedicated—enduring a dreadful start and endless taunts from his own fans to become one of the best defensive midfielders in England. This speaks wonders—it proves he wants to wear the famous red, and maybe will propel him to wear the armband on that red, too.

3. Conor Coady

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    Coady is the current captain of Liverpool's academy side, as well as an England youth side. Playing as either a centre-back or defensive midfielder, Coady is extremely versatile and will most likely see first-team action soon (maybe even on Thursday against Young Boys).

    Coady is undoubtedly talented, but due to the fact that I've never seen him in the first team, I can't be sure as to whether he will be Liverpool first-team captain material.

4. Jordan Henderson

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    Another youth England captain, then.

    Jordan Henderson has endured a difficult start to his Liverpool career, but he has time on his side. For some reason I'll never be able to explain, Henderson is one of my favourite Liverpool players. For this reason, I hope he will do well in red.

    And I honestly believe he will.

    I also believe that if he does, he will have learnt from the likes of Gerrard and Carragher to be able to emit charismatic leadership in the way our two legends have done before him.

5. Joe Allen

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    For me, Joe Allen is the most likely candidate to be given the captaincy.

    His playing style is reminiscent of ex-Red Xabi Alonso, a player who is still loved at Liverpool and would have done superbly as Liverpool captain.

    Allen is a stand-out player in terms of captaincy, simply because he is so calm and level-headed, especially with the ball. Alos, he is still in his early 20s, so in a couple of years, he will be ready to be ther new heart beat of Liverpool.

    He has been our best player this season, and I expect him to be our stand-out midfielder for the next six to seven years or so.


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    All five players have a real shot at captaincy, but for me, Joe Allen edges the decision ever so slightly. It's going to be a hard task, for whoever next leads the Liverpool side out consistently, to emulate Steven Gerrard, but here's hoping he's up to it.

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