Melina Vs. Maryse at Wrestlemania: Not So Fast!

Christi LottCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2009


It had seemed that with Monday night RAW's set-up that Maryse and Melina would feud into Wrestlemania 25 in a possible Champion vs. Champion match. In my previous article I talked about a few possibilities that would've been interesting. However, after reading spoilers from Smackdown's double taping on Tuesday, a new face has entered the show: Michelle McCool.


This week we will be treated to McCool on commentary while Maryse has her first singles match since her injury. Women's Champion Melina will be coming out to get revenge on Maryse's sneak attack, prompting McCool to come to Maryse's aid.

The following week, Michelle will step out on her teammate Maryse and refuse to tag, allowing Melina and Maria to beat Maryse with a roll up. After the match McCool and Maryse will get into it.


I'll admit that thanks to this heel turn, I like Michelle McCool. However, my quick turn to like is fading fast. I understand that once Maryse got injured it allowed for more growth and attention for her heel character. However, nothing has really changed.

McCool is still wrestling practically every single week and is not putting her opponents over in the match, win or lose. It is interesting and a case of bad timing for her that just when internet rumors were on the rise that her personal relationship with The Undertaker could get her a Wrestlemania match, she's now inserted into the only Diva feud going that could culminate at Wrestlemania.

Even more interesting is that , at this point, she's the only other one; not anyone from RAW, not Beth or Mickie. According to the next two Smackdown's, no one from RAW is coming other than Melina to prove their dominance.

Here's my gut feeling: two scenarios. 1) McCool, in two weeks, around the time that a champion vs. champion match has been announced for WM, she defeats Maryse to win the title and is inserted into the match. 2) The one on one match turns into a tag team match like last years with Beth Phoenix being Melina's partner to rub off on the SD dynamic of fighting teammates.

I'm not a fan if either happens. I'm a fan of a Maryse/ Melina match because it's something that hasn't happened before. Though Maryse's ring skills are questionable, that might be completely different against a seasoned wrestler like Melina.

Remember, Maryse has been wrestling Maria, Cherry and randomly Michelle McCool. She looked good in her quick spots with Beth and Mickie at SS. Melina needs a refresher and wrestling someone who's a heel like she was was a good idea.

Melina has feuded with Michelle, a few years ago yes, but it's been done. They awkwardly wrestled each other quickly last year at Backlash in a tag match.

Michelle's entry in this feud makes no sense to me. It feels like the creative teams are 'bowing down' to someone's influence and putting her in. I am behind her getting some kind of WM spot, as frankly anyone is a better choice than past disasters Maria and Ashley, but this is really stretching it, especially if scenario one happens.

For now, I remain..confused.