Ted Thompson Once Again Is Doing What He Does Best...

Mike CraigCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2009

What has Ted Thompson done in the past? First we will take a look at his draft classes.

1st Round: Aaron Rodgers
2nd Round: Nick Collins
                Terrence Murphy
4th Round: Marviel Underwood
                Brady Poppinga
5th Round: Junius Coston
                Michael Hawkins
6th Round: Michael Montgomery
                Craig Bragg
7th Round: Kurt Campbell
                William Whitticker

1st Round: A.J. Hawk
2nd Round: Daryn Colledge
                Greg Jennings
3rd Round: Abdul Hodge
               Jason Spitz
4th Round: Cory Rodgers
                Will Blackmon
5th Round: Ingle Martin
               Tony Moll
6th Round: Johnny Jolly
               Tyrone Culver
7th Round: Dave Tollefson

1st Round: Justin Harrell
2nd Round: Brandon Jackson
3rd Round: James Jones
               Aaron Rouse
4th Round: Allen Barbre
5th Round: David Clowney
6th Round: Korey Hall
               Desmond Bishopp
               Mason Crosby
7th Round: DeShawn Wynn
               Clark Harris

2nd Round: Jordy Nelson
                Brian Brohm
                Patrick Lee
3rd Round: Jermichael Finley
4th Round: Jeremy Thompson
                Josh Sitton
5th Round: Breno Giacomini
7th Round: Matt Flynn
                Brett Swain

So out of these four draft classes, which ones are still notable? Well obviously from 2008, Jordy Nelson, Brian Brohm, Patrick Lee, Jermichael Finley, and Matt Flynn are still well known on the active roster.

Then you take a look at the 2007 draft class. The number on draft pick looks like he is going to be a bust. Brandon Jackson looks promising. Sometimes even more promising than Ryan Grant. James Jones and Aaron Rouse are still on the team. David Clowney now plays for the Jets. Korey Hall, Desmond Bishopp, and of course Mason Crosby are still on the team as well. DeShawn Wynn even though he had that injury in 2007, is still on the team.

This brings me to the 2006 draft class. A.J. Hawk has proved to be a very good first round draft pick. When Nick Barnett went down, he had to fill in his place at middle line backer. Now that the 3-4 defense is coming in, they might need more players like A.J. Hawk. Daryn Colledge and Jason Spitz are both still on the offensive line and are getting better as time progresses. Greg Jennings is an outstanding wide receiver. Will Blackmon has proved to be a very good Punt and Kick-off Return Specialist as well.

The 2005 draft class is where I find it ironic the very first player picked was a quarterback. Aaron Rodgers who is now the starting Quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. Did Ted Thompson in fact want Brett Favre out since day one? Perhaps, but regardless, this is what we are stuck with as football and Packer fans. Aaron Rodgers has proved to be a good quarterback, however on games where he needed to come from behind and win, he was 0-8. Not a good record. Eight of the ten games Green Bay lost last season could have been won if it were a quarterback who could play under that sort of pressure.

Onto the rest of the draft class. Nick Collins especially this year has proven that he is well worth his second round draft pick. And Brady Poppinga has also proven himself. It looked as if Ted Thompson knew what he was drafting. But really, Aaron Rodgers, Nick Collins, and Brady Poppinga are the only three notible players from that draft class.

Now let's take a look at Ted Thompson's Free Agent signings. (This is going to be based off of who is still on the team, have no other way of looking.)

In 2005, only two members still remain on the team from which he signed from the free Agency. Both of these players really did not start showing their potential until the 2007 season when Green Bay went 13-3. Those players would be Atari Bigby and Donald Lee. They are both now starters.

In 2006, there are still three players on the team from the free agency. None of them are really big impact players. Jason Hunter, a defensive end who is seeing very little time, and Ruvell Martin, a wide receiver who had two touchdowns in 2007 but that was it. Tramon Williams is the only one close to being considered a big part of the the team.

Let's of course not fail to mention the signing of Charles Woodson, probably one of Ted Thompson's greatest moves. Charles Woodson has proved to be a very valuable part of the Green Bay defense. There was also the signing of Ryan Pickett which has been a decent Defensive Tackle.

In 2007, he signed Joe Porter and Alfred Malone, neither are making any sort of appearance for that matter. Although, in 2007, He did make a trade with the New York Giants for Ryan Grant by giving them a 6th round draft pick in 2008.

In 2008, the Packers still have almost everybody he signed. There are still ten people from the 2008 Free Agency. However the punter is the only one who is of any importance of the ten.

With all of this being said, do you call Ted Thompson a true artist in his line of work, or an epic failure? After dealing Brett Favre to the Jets, the Packers went from a 13-3 team to a 6-10 team. Since Brett Favre became the starting quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, they have only had two losing seasons, both of them under the Ted Thompson era. Somebody please tell me, why has this man not been fired yet.

One more question...have the Packers done ANYTHING in the 2009 Free Agency? No, they have not. They have made offers to some restricted Free Agents who are already on the team. Doesn't count. Ted Thompson for his fifth straight year as the Executive Vice President, General Manager, and Director of Football Operations seems like he is driving the Packers further and further into the dirt.

If the the 2009 football season turns out much like the last one, I better start hearing shouts for Ted Thompson's head.