Hiddink Is Big Where It Counts or Why the Blues Manager Is Like Jose

Bela TrimmelCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2009

Since arriving at Stamford Bridge a little under a month ago, Gus Hiddink has been off to a marvelous start.

His team has fought back to the second place spot in the Premiership and are looking confident for their away leg at Jueventus during Champions League play next week.

It truly seems that the team is starting to find their boots again, and Michael Ballack may have hit on the reason why.

Charismatic Coach

UEFA released an article today that brings to light comments made by the Chelsea mid-fielder. "He has a real charisma and a big personality."

Sound familiar?

I would certainly argue that those were two of the more prominent qualities of departed Blues boss, Jose Mourinho.

Mourinho had a charisma about him that simply could not be matched by many of the other managers in the Premiership, especially in the top flight. He also had a personality that would have floated the Bridge off its foundation if not for the supports anchoring it to the ground.

The Special One Part Deux?

With the anticipated return of Michael Essien and Ricardo Carvahlo for next week's match against Juventus, things are looking bright for the Blues and their new manager.

But the question comes down to this: Is the huge personality and charisma being exuded by Hiddink going to turn south the way it did for Mourinho?

Honestly, I don't think so.

Hiddink has a willing and able squad that are finding their boots again after almost a year and a half.

With it making it to the Champions League final last year, they proved that they can do great things if coached well.

There was more than just poor playing on the part of the team that forced Scolari out last month. The team seems to be accepting of Hiddink though, perhaps because of the ego that he carries.

At the end of the day, Hiddink will likely stay at the Bridge into next season. And with wins, be them domestic or in Europe, his personality will swell even more and with it, the hopes of the team.

Lets just hope that he can truly be the next Special One and not someone who can't fill the boots left by Mourinho