Get Rich Or Die Trying: "Brett Favre" Auctions Off His Ford Truck

eCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2009

Looking for your 15 minutes of fame?

As we all know, in this day and age, anyone can sell anything on the Internet.

Judging from a recent eBay auction, the asking price for a 2007 Ford F-150 truck previously owned by recently retired Hall-of-Fame quarterback and future ESPN analyst Brett Favre runs around $35,000.

The item's description makes it unclear whether Favre ever owned this all-weather vehicle or if his time in New York was merely a mirage. But one thing's for certain: The new owner won't be trading it in for cash and a purple, four-door sedan, or they'll be flushing away years of dedicated car maintenance and service repairs instilled by its previous owner. 

Officially, the bidding ended last night for the eight-cylinder, automatic tranny, equipped with limited edition Green Bay Packer fans' memory form floor mats, and 8,460 miles.

Or another reason to love American capitalism, and one more loss for Detroit.

No word on who the lucky new owner is, but chances are he/she is not a Jets fan nor will he brag to his friends about a steal of a lifetime. He'll drive his new truck to work and he'll come right home, but he do it with a smile on his face, for he's a kid at heart and he just loves his Tonka toy truck. 

Again, we repeat: If you're into dumb, possibly fake sports auctions, this was your chance to own an original automobile that has allegedly been worked on by Brett Favre.

If there's a must-have sports memorabilia junk item all fans should own, it's the air Brett Favre breathes and that brand-new Favre truck smell.

Just last week, on the advice of his teenage daughter, a retired father cashed in $20,000 when he emptied out his family's dust-filled attic and sold off his 19-year-old baseball card collection to the highest bidder.

And now, he's free to roam the annals of television land, talking football and hawking "get-rich-get-richer" pyramid schemes for the retired NFL player to offset the costs associated with an unworthy benefits package and respect for a job well done.