Edwin Valero: YouTube Sensation, Master Cab Driver, Boxer, or Simply a Big Joke?

John Louie RamosSenior Writer IMarch 4, 2009

Edwin Valero, 24 wins in 24 fights, all wins coming by way of knockouts. Pretty intimidating and solid numbers, but sometimes numbers do lie.

The pride of Venezuela hasn't proved much as he padded his records by fighting "tomato cans." Boxing aficionados also referred his opponents as "cab drivers" (no offense to cab drivers) thus making him "master cab driver."

He won his first 18 fights via first-round knockouts, a streak that earned him a world record. He was one of the most exciting fighters of the sport although he was basically an unknown boxer outside of Japan and Venezuela.

It must have been a result of him not being able to fight in American soil due to a motorcycle accident that cause "slight" brain damage. Nevertheless Valero still continued boxing, winning the WBA super featherweight championship in the process.

Most of his fights were held in Japan, as a result his fights weren't covered by any leading sports broadcasting company. He was even labeled as a "YouTube sensation" because of the fact that most of his fights were uploaded in YouTube.

Well, YouTube sensation or cab driver. He isn't afraid of anyone in his division, he's even calling out Manny Pacquiao since 2007. (Although Pacquiao jokingly quoted that Barrera and Valero could team up in a handicap match against him.)

Last year Valero had his fair share of publicity as he was all over the Pacquiao-De La Hoya debacle. After Pacquiao's annihilation of David Diaz, it was unofficially announced by none other than Bob Arum himself that Valero, the hard hitting Venezuelan would go up in weight and battle it out against the pound for pound Filipino protagonist.

A November date for the bout was even revealed but things got out of hand as Pacquiao opted to test the welterweight waters against Oscar De La Hoya in a fight that was mocked and criticized being a circus show. (But as they say the rest was history.)

In spite of it Valero still manages to crawl center stage. he was hired by De La Hoya as a sparring partner perhaps a part of the promotional scheme of the Golden Boy.

After Pacquiao's dominating performance against De La Hoya, Valero in an interview told that he could finish off De La Hoya much quicker than the eighth round TKO scored by Pacquiao.

Last December, Valero was even invited in an all-expense paid trip to Pacquiao's birthday party in the Philippines.

Right now Valero has been cleared to fight in Texas and he has an upcoming fight against the veteran Antonio Pitalua of Columbia for the vacant WBC lightweight championship. (Which is vacated by Pacquiao himself.)

Pitaula, coming from a sixth-round TKO win over former world champion Jose Armando Santa Cruz is not going to be an easy opponent for Valero much more he isn't a cab driver.

Valero needs to win and give a good performance to the American viewers in order for him to finally get a shot at Pacquiao.

YouTube sensation, master cab driver, a boxer or a big joke, there's only one way to find out...Let's get ready to rumble...