LeBron James: To Keep The King, Give Up Some Castle.

Ray StoneCorrespondent IMarch 4, 2009

Of course its well noted that LeBron James can opt out of his contract and change teams in the summer of 2010. 

However he may have the most to gain staying with the Cavs.  (With his Cavs that is.)

I have heard LeBron say that he wants to be a billion dollar athlete.  If he is still thinking that way, New York, and its global market might be the place for him to go. 

As an old school fan of the game, I would love to see him stay in Cleveland from start to finish.  It would be good for James’ legacy in the long run.

The truly great players of previous eras were constants with ‘their’ teams.  That is better for the fans who can identify with them on a different level. 

Larry Bird was the Boston Celtics.  Magic Johnson was the Los Angeles Lakers.  Isiah Thomas was the Detroit Pistons

LeBron can be linked to the Cavaliers like those legends are linked to their ball clubs. 

There is definitely something special about that - for the player, the team, and the town.

To Whom Much is Given…Much is Required

LeBron is exactly right to aspire to be the 1st billion-dollar athlete! 

Why not?

He is absolutely blessed with phenomenal talent.  He should most certainly set goals for himself that haven’t been reached yet.  

That kind of aspiration just as impressive as any basketball play he will ever make.

Cleveland will be absolutely devastated if LeBron leaves.  They have to keep him.  The owners of the Cavs need to offer James some ownership in that organization.  Seriously.

If they want to keep the King around, they have to offer him some of the castle.  The maximum contract alone isn’t enough. 

How much is LeBron James worth?

By structuring an innovative deal it ensures that he will be as one of a kind off the basketball court as he is on it.  

James should most definitely aim to change the landscape of basketball forever in some way.  The same way that Wilt Chamberlain and/or Michael Jordan did.  He is that good. 

This can be one way he does just that.  Really progress the business end of athletics to the next level.  Ascending from riches to wealth.     

Ownership is the next logical step in the progression of athletics in general. 

Anyone can do the math.

If the Cavaliers open the 2010-11 season without James in the lineup ~ how many season ticket holders would they lose?  How many less national television games, jersey sales, hot dogs, beers, and parking passes? 

If he is responsible for all of that, its only fair he gets a piece of it.  Right?  

Cleveland keeps the guy who may go down as the greatest player ever one day.  James would align himself to do major business in his home state Ohio for a lifetime.  Making him the first true “franchise” player.     

That is the way to maximize your skills. 

It is LeBron that has catapulted Cleveland to NBA royalty.  Who's better suited to be a player/owner than the King?