Let This Be the Final Word: Jay Cutler Is a Denver Bronco

Henry HAnalyst IMarch 4, 2009

This should officially be the final article regarding the Jay Cutler trade talks. After four days of apprehension, anger, and angst, Broncos fans can finally relax.

Head coach Josh McDaniels was finally reached for comment on the incident, and his words could not have been any more concise,

“Let me be as clear as I can about this,” McDaniels said. “We are not trading Jay Cutler—period.”

This statement is released one day after the shortest front page news article I've ever seen was posted on the Broncos' official Web site.

The article read:

"Head Coach Josh McDaniels and Jay Cutler will meet next week when Cutler returns to Denver from Nashville."

"The Denver Broncos are not trading Jay Cutler. Period," Broncos spokesman Patrick Smyth said.

Things are beginning to level off in the Mile High City.

It is my hope that McDaniels and Jay Cutler will have a successful meeting, and Cutler will emerge with an improved attitude regarding the recent change in the organization.

Everyone knows that Cutler was upset when Mike Shanahan was fired. He was angered by the departure of quarterbacks coach Jeremy Bates, and at that point apparently asked for a trade.

For the record, the idea that Cutler demanded a trade is still unconfirmed, and is very much a rumor. His agent, James "Bus" Cook, maintains that he was never approached with a trade demand from his 25-year-old client.

There were many ideas that were thrown about, including possible trades with the Buccaneers, Browns, and 49ers, along with many more, somewhat fantastical propositions.

I realize that Denver fans were about evenly split, with some being angry at Cutler for acting immaturely about the matter, and others upset with McDaniels for his attempts to trade the franchise player.

Hopefully the two men will end their meeting with higher respect for each other and for the rest of the franchise. Both men are young for their positions, McDaniels at 32 as a head coach, and Cutler at 25 as a third-year starting quarterback.

Provided these two can get along, this offense can be No. 1, and this team can make the playoffs very soon—if they can get along.

In life, no relationship is always smooth, and this one has gotten off to a particularly rocky start. But, relationships can almost always be mended if both parties are committed to the same goal—winning a title.

I believe they are.