New York Islanders: 50 Percent Off!

Peter BojarinovAnalyst IMarch 17, 2008

I recieved an e-mail for Islanders tickets, 50% off to their game on tuesday night.  It's really because of their failure to sell tickets. They are at the bottom of the NHL in attendance this year at Nassau Coliseaum.

With an already busy area of NHL arenas to go to, the Coliseum in the middle of nowhere to anything else rather exciting to do. As well as a team that hasn't show much in the standings. How are they going to bring in more fans?

Well it starts with publicity, having information in the papers, internet, articles written about them. Then why not bring up their huge prospect in, Kyle Okposo. Okposo drafted 7th overall, in 2006. This year he's been playing for their AHL affliate in Bridgeport, accumulating 8 goals in his 24 points in 29 games. Also having the team play hard exciting hockey. Wait that can't be true, well it was for my friends and myself.

Let me tell you how my experience at an Islander game was. 

It was almost a month ago when my friends and I had gone to New York for the long weekend. We checked out many things, but the most exciting had to be the Islanders game. Had I known it was almost an hour out of Manhattan I wouldn't have taken a cab. But the ride was worth it. As soon as we had stepped foot inside the arena, we could hear the roar of the crowd. In a cozy family type atmosphere, most canadians would be reminded of an OHL game. I started up the few steps to catch the beginning of the game, as we had arrived 20 mins late (damn new york traffic). It was about 5:15 into the game, and I had already been greeted by a few fans, most drinking beer. We stood in awe at how loud and united the fans were, Ooooohing and Ahhhhhhing all in unison. With about 5 minutes left in the 1st period, bang a goal, my favourite Islander Miroslav Satan had scored on a nice pass from Richard Park. 

 From then on the Islanders kept the pressure, the shots kept coming, the crowd got louder, and the goals were going in. As the night went on, I noticed the scoreboard, 5 shots for Atlanta, 6 shots... by the end they had a mere 9 shots at the end, an Islander record. At the final buzzer the score was 4 - 1 New York Islanders over the Atlanta Thrashers. As soon as the game ended I quickly walked to the footstep of the arena, and got to shake Ruslan Fedotenko's hand, he was the 1st star in the game after a 1 goal performance and hardwork by himself and his whole team. That would be impossible to be able to do in the Air Canada Centre or even United Center were the Leafs and Hawks play. The lower bowl is usually closed to upper bowl ticket holders. I throughly enjoyed the game, the atmosphere, the arena.

For an offer of 50% off, I say yes, a big resounding YES ! 


NOTE: The arena had the most and the hottest girls I had seen in one place ever, or at least in any arena, and I have been to my fair share of arenas.