WWE 13: Entrance and Finisher Videos For Triple H and Other Superstars

Brian Mazique@@UniqueMaziqueCorrespondent IIISeptember 19, 2012

image from THQ
image from THQ

Triple H is the clear jewel of the latest batch of finisher and entrance videos for WWE 13. We're just over a month away from the October 30 release date, and the details are coming in hot and heavy.

Tuesday saw eight WWE superstars have their entrance and finishers revealed for the new game. While The Game is certainly the star of the bunch, the others are not without their own fan-base.

For the sake of space I've combined the two features into one video per superstar. Here are the videos, a few thoughts, and my level of fondness for the presentation on each:


Triple H

The Game has the longest intro of the group, and possibly in the entire game, it lasts 2:21. If you fight someone online, and they select Triple H, they could force you to watch the entire intro.

That's enough to make you hate the Cerebral Assassin.

That said, it is still one of the classic entrances in wrestling history, and WWE 13 nails it. The Pedigree looks just as clean as before. This move wasn't an issue in WWE 12.


Kofi Kingston

Kofi is one of my favorite WWE superstars. It is too bad he's terrible on the mic, as that holds him back a bit. The entrance is decent here, but the Trouble in Paradise still needs some work.

The move needs to have more fluidity to it. Obviously it isn't a throw, but it needs to have the suddenness of the catch finishers.



Truth is one of my least favorite superstars. He's athletic as anyone in the WWE, but I hate nearly every gimmick he's ever had. He needs new finishers in real life, so I can't penalize the guys at WWE 13 for not exciting me on that front.

Though, the entrance seems like it is more reflective of Truth before he teamed with Kofi.


Kelly Kelly

One of the most overrated Divas on the roster, in my opinion. She's sloppy in the ring and ranks about fourth of fifth in the beauty department amongst the females in the WWE.

She does have one of the better finishers of all the Divas, but the Stink Face would be a better fit with Kaitlyn, and I mean that endearingly for the latter.

However, Kelly Kelly's render is solid in the game, and the finisher looks great.


Rey Mysterio

I understand why Mysterio's likeness in WWE 13 can't interact with young fans as he approaches the ring. That would require the developers to make the entire crowd—or at least the front row 3-D molded characters, and that is a lot for a one-to-two-second sequence.

That said, without that element Mysterio's entrance is plain.

His render is solid, except it doesn't capture how chubby he's gotten recently. I'm sure that was an intentional omission.


Sin Cara

Love the lighting effects when Sin Cara is in the ring, although that was there in WWE 12. I also like the new default attire. The one issue I have with his entrance is that he doesn't have on his robe/jacket thingy.

Aside from that, his style is recreated nicely.


Jinder Mahal

What is this guy really about? He has to have one of the worst gimmicks in the organization. He looks like he could be a decent star, but the whole Indian prince angle isn't in the least bit intriguing.

His entrance and finishers are done solidly—at least I think his finishers are accurate. We generally don't see him finish matches victoriously, so I could be mistaken.


Shane McMahon

Shane-O-Mac was awesome in the ring. To think he is the boss' son, yet he worked to make himself better than a few of the guys that do the job full-time.

The entrance is solid, the attire is good, and you have to love the Coast to Coast finisher.


Stay tuned for next week's batch of finishers and entrance videos.


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